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    Year Review 2018

    I am standing on the very corner of the huge mountain, on the edge of it, I am ready to jump on to the other. The huge mountain is the year 2018, a year with enormous memories. I can call this year as a complete successful year in my entire life lived on earth. This mountain has brought me many things at my fingertips, whether it is the love or the caring from a special person or the perfect nurturing from the elders. I felt great, indeed I enjoyed the year more than any other year I know. 2018 is been a successful year, I got a few things to…

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    Amor Fati

     Yay! Winters are almost here! And it’s my favorite season because of the long dark nights, Christmas celebration, the vacation in winters, and much more fun stuff! But beyond all, this is the season that signifies the reality of life… “Each beginning has an End”! A plant that ushers as lush green in Spring withers as pale black in Winter! Does that sound sad? Well, it should not! Because “Each end has a new beginning too”! No matter what one begins with, it does come to an end! That’s the universal law of nature! But when we trust the process, appreciate and accept “the end”, then we retain our mindfulness,…

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    Love Is In The Air – A Note To Honey

    When there is love in the air, then there comes the joy of living and the scent of it will make us fly and fly. When love is in the air, the atmosphere turns into a playground and there will be the times when we are just lost in the thoughts of the loved ones. Why am I talking about love? Is it now really in the air? Yes, because my Honey going to celebrate her birthday today. This day is blessed. That God made a creation with which his love is widespread. He made the love to be present around me and he gave a human form, that is…

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    Why Being Good Hurts – Conquering The Loneliness

    Being good always has good benefits, but when they are applied in the real world, nobody will able to stand by your side when you are good. It is there for ages, and we cannot change the concept of the world. If you are in the list of the good people list, then this is our place to voice our feelings, to beat that unbeatable loneliness which stolen almost everything from us. No Mind Works Identical We have to realize that all of us cannot all think as an individual do ourselves, this is the way the creator put us on this earth. We cannot think similarly and cannot control…

  • World Food Day 2018 - Prasanna Dasari
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    World Food Day Special

    Today we are celebrating World Food Day (WFD) which is the main concept of UN. And the major aim of the concept to celebrate World Food Day is to let the world know the importance of food and why not to waste it. We are still observing the cities and even countries where there are not enough nutrients for its people to feed on and they are becoming weak or falling as a prey for hunger deaths. Food Is Life ‘We are what we eat’ this is a saying that which can reflect ourselves in case of the food we take. There are many things to consider before we consume…

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    How To Avoid The Addiction Of PUBG Mobile

    PUBG Mobile is the game which is interesting to play and it is an online game. With the latest and advanced Android devices out there in the market in the budget prices, now it is an easy access for anyone to download and play the high-end games like PUBG Mobile. It is the PC game and hit the Android and IOS too. Back then, there were reportedly many glitches reported by the Indian PUBG Mobile players, not on the PC. It is because of unstable internet connections and the low configurations of the devices. Increased Downloads PUBG Mobile has 50M+ downloads while making this post and it has a good…

  • Tales Of Exploration By Prasanna Dasari

    Tales Of My Exploration

    Exploration is always an amazing feeling to fit into. There are various places on the planet where we can dive into the exploration and finally end up with amusement. Mysterious places, historical places, adventure lands, if we keep on making the list, it would be a lengthy book. It is everybody’s dream of a lifetime that they must go to a place where they can find the feeling of loss in the dreams, where they can feel like ‘this is the moment of life that I have been waiting since childhood’ the same feeling I had in my mind.   The World Has Too Many Places To Visit “A single…

  • Ant-man and the wasp movie review by Prasanna Dasari
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    Ant-Man And The Wasp – Review

    Ant-Man And The Wasp is another epic and action filled movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with its stunning storyline and mind-blowing graphics there are few interesting things that this second part of the movie has to tell about. Being the absence of the Ant-Man in the recent Avengers project, it has been rumoured whether the Ant-man is included in the future series of Avengers or not. Well, the questions are clearly answered in the movie Ant-Man And The Wasp. Super Fitting Characters Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly as The Wasp, Michael Pena as Louis has their characters boosted up to the next level. The casting is done…

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    Say No To Cruelty On This World Animal Day

    World Animal Day is celebrated every October 4 annually. And the main purpose of this is to remember and a call for action that these voiceless living beings (animals) do deserve the right to live and there is no need to suffer from pain. We are experiencing in our daily life the inhuman nature and attitudes from the idiotic people who are willing to hurt these animals for no reason. And this celebration of WAD is to bring the change in such freaking minds and wake up those who are in a dilemma that there is no one to save these poor creatures. Animals and Humans There is no man…