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Accepting Imperfection

 There are many options available to live for all of us. It is the life that we used to live and adopted and this is how we are going to live the rest of our lives. This is not any special case, we all have our lives and the way we see the world, that perspective will make us more transparent.  Imperfection is always there.

Many times we fall to the ground and there are many things we have in our lives to take care of. Still, the pain lives with us, pain doesn’t know your face, it just knows how to make you feel low. No one in this world is designed to live perfect, we are perfect for our imperfections and we all love our flaws. Situations may make us retreat, they will knock us down every time we try to make it to the top.

These perfect imperfections are nothing to the other person, they just see them as our negatives and no matter how good we try to become in their sight, they will always treat us as villains in their view. When we try to start living for ourselves, they will frame us as selfish and ruthless. We may never bother for anyone, but the society will never leave you alone. Your life is no exception for their stones which are thrown randomly.

We are still alive on the list of the living people and we are not done with our lives yet. The goals we designed are still there, calling us and echoing their voices to reach our subconscious mind, they are trying to wake us up from the sleep, that sleep which we are in from years. It is not the time to rest and say to ourselves that everything is fine. It’s the time for the battle and we are placed to fight it, that too all alone.

accepting imperfection

Our loved ones, friends, even family will be not by our side when we fight, we fight with all the strength we got, we have to collect it too which is not there.

Moving along with the pain and making our weaknesses as a part of our strength is the most important thing we need to do. There will be many tough situations in our daily life, we need to move on and fight with the imperfections inside us.

There will be no choice left and we are still going to remain as the feeble beings on this earth.

Am here to remind you that there is still hope and we need to wait for the inner spirit to take its action against all these imperfections, we need not bother about these imperfections, we don’t even need to try to be perfect.

Living with these imperfections will never make us weak, that will only increase the fighting spirit in us and we will become perfect while fighting and the attitude will get affected and the suffering will nurture it.

Let us live with the imperfection and try to overlook the worry of being perfect.



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