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Amazing Facts About Love

Love is a divine thing, pristine in nature and a feeling with an infinite energy. Let us see some amazing facts about love here in this post.

It has the capacity to turn rocks into hearts and hearts to more and more softer. It is an unimaginable thing ever happened in everyone’s lives and it is the real reason behind the existence.

Love cannot be explained, it can be felt and can be shown, it is expressed less in terms of writing and it is fully expressive in terms of feeling. This is a feeling that involves a person completely like if he is dipped in an ocean of emotions.

Finding a true love is like increasing the lifespan if you take any wrong step definitely the lifespan decreases. When love is with you, you can achieve anything, because the power of love is immeasurable and it has the greatest strengths hidden in it.

Love facts Prasanna Dasari

It is not that easy to stay faithful to your partner, you need to go through a long trip in order to balance the relationship you are in. This is not any game with a checkpoint, you need to check yourself each and every moment.

Why there are many breakups? Because of the truth that they are just not taking it seriously and going for a style show off that they want to show to this world, that hurts, and nobody will stay with the partner who is always doubting and making false claims and discouraging.

How to love?

From where you can learn, I would say 50% from books and the rest from the real lives, your parents, your closed ones, watch them closely and take an oath.

Standing on the promises you made pour more life to the love. Promises you made are worth keeping alive and bringing them right into the action. They are not just the words, but the actions which are shown in our real lives.

Nobody teaches you how to love, it is a feeling which is said to be born inside us when we reach a certain age where we are ready to deal with it.

None taught us before how to love our parents, we learnt it by the emotions inside and the way they behave with us. It is the attachment that grows the love everyday.


We saw the number of young women and men had ended their lives because they had a problem with the love. This isn’t the right way to respect the love. Love pours the life, never it demands a life or a sacrifice.

Love is divine, and the divinity intention is to see you with the happiness, but not sad.

If you failed in love, that is not the dead end. If you got cheated, it is not the dead end either. God has arranged something for you, when that one person enters into your life, you will see the miracles of the love working in your life.

It makes you feel more special and that feeling is not easy to explain. All you need to do is to wait for that perfect someone.

Love has nothing to do with the sexual intercourse, many people will misinterpret the love by naming it as an alternative for a sexual pleasure. There exists true love too.

Those who don’t treat love as a materialism, those who don’t objectify women, those who don’t make their partner hurt, they are celebrating the true love every day. We can name them as true lovers.

True love is found in many forms, I always talk about the love taking many forms, parents, friends, relatives, lovers. All these forms will act according to the situation and never try to dominate any form, they are individually unique and deserves respect each other.

Love Prasanna Dasari

Love is faithful, love will not step back if it is the true love it has no limits.It is an emotional language using the body language as alphabets, it is a sign of heart, and it is the one and the only language which is spoken by the human’s important organ, the heart. It can understand the other heart when the two connects and pairs up.

Try to find that love which will comforts you in times of trouble, which will make you feel like you are the only one, which will gives you the first priority, which will stay online only for you most of the times, which will make you happy and sends out your tragedy past to the pit, which will make you smile all the time irrespective of the situation and who will be there by your side when you needed the most. Who will be your only love forever?

Learn To Love Your Enemies:

 Love can be shared with all, there is no rule to restrict from sharing it. You can start loving your enemies too.

This won’t make you weak, it will portray you as a person of generous heart and you are the stronger of the strongest because you got the guts to love someone whom you dislike.

Those who dislikes you to the core and hates to see your face, you can turn them towards you with your attitude filled with loving kindness.

Love has no limits, you can spread it as long as you can. The other person will feel the same for you if he/she had the minimum knowledge about the importance of being loved.

This helps you a lot in dealing with the competitors in your business field or with an angry boss at your office who doesn’t even care to listen to your problems.

You can make the contacts and break the distances with love. And love is ready to get molded according to your requirement.

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