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Amor Fati

 Yay! Winters are almost here! And it’s my favorite season because of the long dark nights, Christmas celebration, the vacation in winters, and much more fun stuff! But beyond all, this is the season that signifies the reality of life… “Each beginning has an End”!

A plant that ushers as lush green in Spring withers as pale black in Winter!

Does that sound sad?

Well, it should not! Because “Each end has a new beginning too”!

No matter what one begins with, it does come to an end! That’s the universal law of nature! But when we trust the process, appreciate and accept “the end”, then we retain our mindfulness, we shield ourselves from being a victim!

This reminds me of one of my favorite bedtime stories: AMOR FATI.

(PS: “Amor fati” is a Latin phrase that may be translated as “love of fate” or “love of one’s fate or destiny”. It refers to an attitude in which an individual sees every single occurring event as necessary, be it pain or pleasure! Whether one likes it or not, it is completely appreciated and accepted by heart with a positive outlook – every dark cloud has a silver lining; there’s a divine plan behind everything that happens!

This has also been strongly followed in Stoicism)

The world is aware of the great Thomas Edison! Here is an inspirational instance of his life!

One evening, when the legend was at his home having dinner, a man rushed to meet him! Covered in dripping sweat, he was consumed by fear and anxiety! He insisted the guard to meet Edison. At first, the guard refused, but later he was allowed because of his relentless request.

The guard escorted the man to Edison’s dining room. After a few frozen moments, he gathered all his courage to deliver the terrible news nobody could have ever imagined! In a steep yet fragile and disconcerting voice, the man uttered, “Sir, your research facility has been on fire!”

Now, what do you think would have been Edison’s reaction?

Do you imagine Edison in a panic attack?

Do you picture him screaming out “Why me?”

Or do you visualize him in deep agony?

To tell you the most unexpected historical fact, “None of these happened!”

Edison stood up, went to his son, and requested him to go and get his mother. Edison exclaimed in a loud excited voice, “Call her fast! She’ll never see a fire like this again!”

Naturally, Edison’s son thought his father had lost his mind! But that didn’t matter to Edison!

All of them reached the burning laboratory! It was a massively unpleasant sight!

All of Edison’s precious experiments, facts & things that could never be replicated, were inside his laboratory! Everything was burning down to ashes and nobody could do anything to save it!

At this plight, Edison responded with a deep and calming sigh, “It’s okay! All my mistakes and a lot of unnecessary rubbish just got burnt! It’s okay!”

In such a stressful situation when a normal person would exhibit hugely insane behavior, Edison on the other hand revealed the true nature of Amor Fati – choosing to love your fate, no matter what!

Despite losing over $1 million at the age of 67 in that monstrous fire, he chose to stay calm and patient. Despite being severely broken-hearted in an unimaginably catastrophic situation, he chose to revitalise and uplift himself!

Amor Fati - Prasanna Dasari

Edison chose not to cause a double damage and saved his health from getting attacked! He respected his life and chose to make more efforts towards determined goals! The results of his endurance and perseverance showed in sometime and Edison made over $10 million thereafter!!!

I am in love with the concept of Amor Fati because it makes us believe in our own power and potential to create miracles! It makes us gently accept our fate and therefore it gives birth to a new spirit in us that believes in its astute decision-making abilities. From there on, our intense passions grab our mind, and we feel that no obstacle can stop us from achieving our dreams!

We believe that everything has a purpose and that it is up to us to make this purpose as positive and meaningful!

Maybe you lost your job!

Maybe someone cheated you of your entire life’s earnings!

Maybe, your trust was broken with impunity!

Maybe, the person you love the most is facing a life-threatening disease!

Maybe, someone ill-treated you!

The challenge of your life may be considerable and inescapable!

But remember, you are ALWAYS given the choice to greet your challenging situation with a smile, accept the current scenario and direct the future course of events by responding instead of reacting! This wise act then makes you pursue the best of your potential … and this is AMOR FATI.

The purpose of this post is not to make you feel “okay” or even “good” when terrible things happen!

The purpose here is to make you realize that the POWER lies in your CHOICE to create a mindful response!

The purpose of this concept AMOR FATI is to make you feel GREAT irrespective of what happens!

Whatever happened, it was meant to happen because of the constant series of our own THOUGHTS, WORDS & ACTIONS, we reached to a CONSEQUENCE.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we created our fate… so we must accept the consequence that manifested due to OUR KARMA!

Each situation gives us many choices – our KARMA means choosing our own THOUGHTS, WORDS, & ACTIONS at that moment!

Our life is simply a series of the choices of our decisions… it is our making… and hence our KARMA!

But whenever an ugly situation occurs, we must only take the positive perspective of it & try to identify the learning it is teaching us… that’s how we make the best out of the worst!

In this way, we fuel for own selves to move forward when lost!

It is this fuel that makes us work harder when we want to quit!

It is this fuel that makes us think big when everything seems to be a break-down!

It is this fuel that makes us smile when all we want to do is wail!


Amor Fati, my dear friends!

This short inspirational story is compiled by Jyotika Rajput Mehra The Seed of Joy – JRM’s Oeuvre

Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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