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Say No To Cruelty On This World Animal Day

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World Animal Day is celebrated every October 4 annually. And the main purpose of this is to remember and a call for action that these voiceless living beings (animals) do deserve the right to live and there is no need to suffer from pain.

We are experiencing in our daily life the inhuman nature and attitudes from the idiotic people who are willing to hurt these animals for no reason. And this celebration of WAD is to bring the change in such freaking minds and wake up those who are in a dilemma that there is no one to save these poor creatures.

Animals and Humans

There is no man if there are no animals, they are the part of the ecosystem and contributes the life-cycle of the human life. We may think that these animals are useless, but we are there forgetting a hugely important thing that without them, we are just a garbage.

Animals may not help us directly to make a living, but there are many chained structures and chemical processes that which took around us without giving us any clue. So, here the statement proves it all.

How To Protect Them

When this question arises there are no answers or immediate solution we can find about it, the cruelty against them has been encouraged globally.It is not a single man battle to win in an overnight. It is needed to consider that there are laws which are to be created in a real way, of course, there are laws, but they are just leaving behind as paper works.

world animal day 2018 - Prasanna Dasari

Time To Act, Not To Wait

This is the time to take an appropriate action to protect the species. Whatever happened is enough, we saw lots of species going extinct and we just watched it while happening. It is our duty to protect them as we do for our families.
The action which we take today will help us to save a poor animal life, but we may be saving a species too.

Cruelty towards animals is increased daily. And no one has cared a bit about it, the voices of animal lovers are going down the majority and no government law is as strict as to safeguard an animal life.

Be A Role Model

When nobody acts it is your duty to take a next step and act. You may be alone, but your move can become a law in the coming years, it is not a good thing to hurt the animals. And we see daily many street dogs (stray dogs) are beaten to death, tortured in a brutal way and they receive no medics, not caring at all. They are left there aside untreated.

And no parents, no teachers, no pedestrians will teach the little kids to stop beating them. It may be ignorance, it is increasing the violent nature and injecting the ‘to harm the weaker sections’ is taught here.
I can say that even in the stone age, there are no such things that are happened like we are viewing these days.

Celebrate WAD Together

It is the time to celebrate the World Animals Day together, let us make a promise to ourselves to protect the animals which are still among us. Dogs, cattle, wild animals etc are the creatures which are among us. Let’s protect the species and save the life for the upcoming generations. It is their basic need to have food and water as we do, it is their right.

Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.


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