Ten things to remember before attending an interview
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Ten Things to Remember Before Attending an Interview

Attending an interview is a general thing to face in every student’s life. You should read these ten things to remember attending the interview in order to get some really useful tips which will enhance your interview skills.

It was in those days where an interview is scheduled at a particular period of time and you need to wait until your date arrives, now we are in a world where anything can happen within a single blink of an eye.

Attending an interview is easier than we ever thought, the mobile devices and the internet made things much easier for both the interviewers and the job aspirants. But, the hard work which is necessary to do is the same.

Types of Interviews

Depending upon the requirement and the other rules and regulations, interviews may vary according to the field and the department.

Before attending an interview it is a key point to note that for which job role you are going to apply and on what things does the company concentrates the most. The type of the interview may depend upon the role for which you are hired for by the company.

  • Face to face unstructured interviews
  • Interviews over a phone call
  • Stress management interviews
  • Behavioural interviews
  • Skill-based interviews
  • Problem-solving interviews
  • Self-control based interviews

The above-mentioned types of interviews are based on the names, for example in a face to face interview, the candidates can have an interaction with the Human Resources directly.

Now let us see what we have to keep in mind while attending an interview.

Ten things to remember before attending an interview

Be You

Do not pretend to try to be someone else, as this will only make you portray the other person’s character, but not yours. Maintain your own style and attitude and it is going to earn the right job for you.

It is good to take inspiration but walking into the others shoes will make a big mess. You can achieve the goals by just being you and not changing at all. Personally, I saw many people who imitated the role of celebrities and ended up being nothing. when we were kids, we all did the same thing. This must not be repeated in the adulthood.

The answer to Every Question Must Contain Honesty

If we are honest, we can drive away the fear of failure. There will be words like a river flow while answering the questions honestly. If you try to cover something, it can be revealed in your words and body language.

Always remember that the HR is also a human and they can sense the feelings inside you because of they had the experience in dealing with the persons who are sitting in front of them. If we fail to maintain the honesty level while attending an interview, then the reasons to fall behind in the selected list are more.

Maintain Eye contact with Confidence

In every interview tips pages, we observe that making an eye contact is quoted without fail. This will allow the interviewer to focus on things like

  1. Good communication
  2. Confident that you are listening to them interestingly
  3. You are focused
  4. Your dedication
  5. Your confidence

Eye contact which lacks the confidence will only make you look pale. Eye contact must be made with confidence, the key thing in eye contact is to test the confidence levels in an aspirant. If you talk, definitely make an eye contact followed by the confidence in your staring.

Body Language: The First Impression

The above statement is true and applicable for all of us. We, humans, do reflect our thoughts in the form of expressions and body language. This is a part of communication too.

If you are able to control the body language and maintain the etiquette in various situations then you are in complete control of success. Body language will stamp your attitude at a glance, and it is the first impression when you are attending an interview. Make necessary modifications if you have any actions in your body language which will cost your job.

Keep that Smile Alive on Your Face

Smile play an important role in the communication, if you are good at mastering it, then definitely you will earn more hearts of the people. And at your workplace, you need to be a part of a team. Your pure smile will make you good to look at while you are giving a presentation or explaining the project.

Be Affirmative

If any statement is made by the interviewer, be ready to agree with that if it fits with your values. There is no need to be affirmative on all the statements if something is against your values and lifestyle explain the interviewer(s) about why you are saying a no for it.

No need to give up on your own tastes for a job, if you are willing to work by all the commitment, then you must be ready to be affirmative in all the cases since you are loving what you do.

Calm Your Mind before Attending an Interview

Free your mind from all the tensions. It is common to have a little bit of disturbed mind while attending an interview, but overcoming it is the main challenge. If you are tensed and with the unstable mindset, then you are going to perform worse in the interview.

Knowing that you can’t ruin your performance with the tension mindset. To avoid the tension space you can follow the below tips.

  • Arrive early to the interview location and avoid entering into the chamber first.
  • Be friendly with the receptionist(s) and the security guard(s).
  • Avoid arguments and quarrels with the other aspirants or the staff
  • Be prepared for the interview before and analyze the questions before the night of the interview
  • Go through your updated resume

Prepare Your Success Stories with Relevant Examples

Sharing your success stories at the job interview is must and it is the necessary thing to do. But, you can’t just share them like the storytelling. Prepare good examples and with an insight allow the interviewer to get a view of your success stories. There is really a less time to explain the bunch, make them short and use impactful words to impress the interviewers.

You can refer to the Monster.com for more tips regarding this.

Say No to Negative Thinking

Negative thinking always makes us weak and it affects our talent. When we think negatively, the overall performance will drop down below.

We must never let this negative thinking overtake us. If you are going to attend an interview then while you go to bed, make yourself comfortable in your thoughts and allow some time to relax. If you worry about the next day’s interview and the consequences involved in it. Our subconscious mind will think about all the negativity.

So avoid all the negative thinking.

No Over Expectations

Over expectation will lead us to the failures. If we expect much about anything that will definitely harm us.

Over expectations at interviews like package and facilities and allowances provided by the companies, all these are the things which will be discussed after you will get your hands on the offer letter.

Improve Your Skills and Update Your Resume on the Regular Basis

The resume is the heart of all the interview. The interviewers need them and the job aspirants too. It is the major thing needed by all, so why not make it more attractive and keep it updated.

Resume building will be discussed in the future posts.

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