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Why Being Good Hurts – Conquering The Loneliness

Being good always has good benefits, but when they are applied in the real world, nobody will able to stand by your side when you are good. It is there for ages, and we cannot change the concept of the world.

If you are in the list of the good people list, then this is our place to voice our feelings, to beat that unbeatable loneliness which stolen almost everything from us.

No Mind Works Identical

We have to realize that all of us cannot all think as an individual do ourselves, this is the way the creator put us on this earth. We cannot think similarly and cannot control the thoughts of others. Humans hurt when our own thoughts don’t get a platform to withstand among the people.

As long as the other person is faithful to you, you cannot share all the things and then expect some sort of good support from them. No one can understand the pain we are in and that pain will gradually eat away us slowly. I know these kinds of situations very well and I feel like being cornered by this world and there is none I mean none who can comfort me and stand with me. I was left all alone.

My limbs were trembling and my hands searched for some couple of hands to hold and say that everything is alright. But, nothing has happened like that ever. The situations got much and much worst other than getting in the track.

Being Good Makes Us Feel Like Abandoned

How many times did you find yourself in trouble when you tried to give some valuable suggestions? Many times right, what happens when you try to do good. That is the bitter truth unfortunately because even the suggestion is the most needed one and is the ready tip for the other person to assist him/her. They just won’t listen to you or agree with you until they met with the severe conditions.

They will throw you away, feel like abandoned. It is seen in our every day of life when our elders share their experiences with us most of the young people will either make fun of them or just count their experiences like the fairy tales.

The original thing can be witnessed when they met with the similar situation and then they remind of the stories all they heard. It is all about experiences. So, even if your best is making you a fool, don’t leave it.

Being good may hurt, but it is how our life will find a meaning.


Being Good - Prasanna Dasari

Being Good and The Loneliness

Most of the good people are alone, do you know why? This is because the world isn’t a good place to listen to the good. If you involved in a meaningless talk and third person rumours, scandalous talks then the people are interested in you and they keep on coming for more. But, if you are talking self- improvement, if you are suggesting them how not to walk in the bad path they will treat you as an alien and will turn you into a loner. That alienated situations are numerous in my life and most of the times I spoke to the walls in front of me to ease the pain. That is the hardest part to face in our life if we are good. We cannot accept the bad to happen, and then be ready to get stabbed.

Loneliness mates with us, good people a lot. Because of the things we do, and for the things which we cannot change.

How To Overcome The Depression

Just remember one thing, that being good is an own concentric concept. It has nothing to do with your family, relatives and the surroundings. It is your own choice of living whether you live with honour or make it to the end with all the worst. Nobody questions you, it is completely your choice.

If you are depressed and feeling stressed because of the things you had done, that is because you are not satisfied with the current attitude you have.  If you are depressed to death, then it is better to swap the attitude and move on. Because the central thing is to live a life to the fullest without any regrets left during the old age times.

You can overcome the depression by realizing a few facts that nobody is perfect in this world. And if you are trying to be the one, that means eventually you will fail. Hence, stop trying to teach someone and be on your own. Life is full of miseries, and we have one life to live on earth. Either in a perfect way or imperfect way, living it to the fullest makes the sense.

Being Good Will Give Us Hope

No need of any letter appreciations or any honours for the good we do. Because it satisfies us,  with that goodness in our mind we can have a good night sleep.

If you have a trouble sleeping then your heart is not allowing you to rest your brain. It needs something to sort out easily and the finding the easiest and quickest way to get things solved.

And if you are satisfied with the deeds you did. Then you can have a peaceful heart and you look younger too.

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Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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