Brother and Sister Bond – The Affectionate Alliance
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Brother and Sister Bond – The Affectionate Alliance

Brother and Sister relationship is not a normal one. When we observe closely the two of them, we get to know many things which are wondering. It doesn’t matter who is elder or younger, their bond is such a strong one that it is going to stand as an inspiration to many.

Love Has Many Forms

Always in my posts, I speak about love transforming into different forms. It is the relationships which will allow the divine love to pour in. Love is an emotion and a feeling, it has no limits and can be shared with anyone. The love between the mother and her children is said to be the one without any limits.

Many authors had written about this since ages and that motherly love can be taken by a sister.

Brother and sister can have that bond and love which a mother and her child can have. This relationship develops since childhood. And that love can last forever.

It is like a Covenant

We see in our daily lives, the children who don’t have a sibling will share the feeling that how they are missing their partner in crime. But, to be a good sister/brother, there is no such a rule to born in the same mother’s womb. You can find the bond of a sibling in the relative’s area. Be wise to choose, because it takes some time to get know very well each other.

Brother and Sister Bond – The Affectionate Alliance

It is like an agreement that their relationship will never get seized by anyone or anything. And that understanding can make them feel secure. A brother and sister will share everything with each other. And when it comes to the security, both will protect each other.

How Far Can A Person Sacrifice His/Her Life for the Sake of His/Her Sibling?

Well, the answer to this question will be from the bottom of my heart. The perfect example I can get is from my own elder sister. She has done everything for me and nurtured me like a mother. Supporting me every time in everything. Holding my hand and assuring me that am not a loser.

She did many sacrifices in the shade and gave me happiness in the light. Her love is unconditional.

To what extent they can sacrifice is depends upon the type of bond they generated since childhood. There are many things which we won’t agree with our siblings. We fight, shout, and make the home worst. But, that doesn’t mean we are going apart from our sibling.

There is always the blood relationship that gains a level more than any other relationship. In some cases, they can feel the pain of the other even when they are a million miles away.

Brother and Sister can be Friends

We hear from many people saying that when they share their problems with a friend they will feel easy. And their pain concentration decreases after opening up or breaking down into tears.

In most of the cases, these emotions will work well with the one for our family. Since we know each other better and best than our friends. There might be a possible outcome of the solution in a manner which is favourable to us.

From this time, share your problems with your brother or sister. It won’t degrade you, they might not take it as serious, might make fun of you, but trust me, the problem will be sorted out without breaking the moral values in the family.

And here I am not suggesting to share anything with friends, but also consider that you have a best friend at your home too.

Don’t Let Your Relationship Ruined by Temporary Fights

Brother and sister can have fights which are very common in the family. But, if those small fights are developing a big hatred between you both, then there is an urgency that both of you just need to take it seriously and discuss. Because these misunderstandings will lead to the huge hurt.

We have also seen those people who won’t talk with their siblings for a long time after some fight they had in their teenage. This situation is going to be the worst if we don’t treat it as our prime action to be taken.

Protection and Bond

Brother and Sister bond is so strong, that even it continues when they get separated after the marriage. There are many festivals in our Indian culture which will make this relationship to continue after the marriage, Raksha Bandhan is one of them. And it’s the main purpose is to assure your sister a protection that she needs from you. Her blessings and love will be with you in your entire life.

Brother and Sister Bond – The Affectionate Alliance

It is the responsibility to protect and make them feel secure because she is the one who took good care of you, like a mother. And this must not be followed as a rite, this bond must be there for ages and ages.

Technology must not make you a person who thinks that social media is the life. Maintaining family relationships is preferred.

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