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Building Emotional Intelligence

 Building Emotional Intelligence is a big challenge in these days, we all are falling prey to the emotional blackmail which are surrounding us. Can emotional intelligence be learned? Well, it can be. It is not any rocket science to deal with.

 We are filled with the emotions inside. There are millions of emotions we live with daily and only a few of us will master them. We have to accept a bitter truth that even the legends among us are inevitable to the emotions. We can’t just ignore the emotions and we cannot overcome them, they are like the flow of the rushing river, we cannot swim against it, we need to compromise here and move with the flow.

When we talk about the emotions, there are two sections of the people in the world. One is those who are emotionally down, that means they are unable to control the emotions. On the other hand, we have those who are well masters of the emotions. These second category people will be those who have skills in them, and these skills will make them shine.

Every one of us needs to develop the emotional intelligence, we must involve the emotions in all sectors, in personal lives, professional lives. These emotions are the key to success and also if not controlled, these are the reasons for failure too.

These can be increased by referring to the best books on emotional intelligence, for example Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence etc.

Building Emotional Intelligence

So, the point is handling these emotions are the only art we need to learn, it is the skill which we need to develop more. Emotions like anger, grief, worry, stress and fear all take a major place in our lives. We have to live with them daily in order to survive.

On the other hand, there lies the logic. Logic is like a program that which will eliminate the bug, but if a person constantly sticks to the logic and if he/she depends upon the logic alone to take decisions then he would be likely to be called as a computer than human. And this doesn’t mean we humans don’t require a logic, we have to involve the emotions to allow the logic to work.

These days at many workplaces we clearly observe the stress in there, and problem-solving nature is the biggest tool to prevent going into the depression easily. And if we add the logical thinking to it, we can handle more stress in a very limited time.

Unfortunately, challenges come into our lives when we are not fully prepared, they are like a surprise and an uninvited guest. We have to be ready to face the problems at any moment in our lives, but when we feel like everything is fine, then an unexpected thing will give us a shock. This happens to all of us. We need to handle this all by ourselves.

Building Emotional Intelligence

The reason I pick this particular topic to write is many are falling prey to the tricks played by the emotions within us. They will trap us and lock us in a no way out situations, we require a bit of logic to escape from this.

Emotional intelligence is that thing which will prevent us all from getting emotionally fooled by the situations and people around us. It is the most needed thing in handling the stressful situations. We all have emotions, but emotional intelligence can only be there if we think with the reasoning.

People try to play with your feelings if you don’t have emotional intelligence. Those who are lack of this emotional intelligence, they just can’t get over it. They can’t ignore a minute thing which has hurt them and wounded their heart. Having emotional intelligence will save a person by getting into the depression.

Now coming to the logic, it is like a mathematical theorem. It is applied to the situation and the need, we can’t use logic in dealing with the very sensitive things, like family matters, relationships. If we use logic in these, we will be named as a heartless guy. Here the emotions will work and the logic will be replaced with the emotional intelligence.

Logically speaking, both the E.I and Logic are the same. Depending upon the requirement we need to apply them. We can’t fight with the emotions, but we can control it using the logical thinking. We can say that to have a logic, E.I is needed and to gain E.I logic is needed. These are the mutually dependent properties and we can’t just ignore them. Our mind will take a major role in dealing with the logical thinking and our heart will take a major role in the E.I.

One who can master these both are considered as a genius and that one can be the real hero in the real life. I hope you will develop such thinking capability to handle the situations and I will be working on the self-improvement topics in the future blog posts.



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