• Ten things to remember before attending an interview
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    Ten Things to Remember Before Attending an Interview

    Attending an interview is a general thing to face in every student’s life. You should read these ten things to remember attending the interview in order to get some really useful tips which will enhance your interview skills. It was in those days where an interview is scheduled at a particular period of time and you need to wait until your date arrives, now we are in a world where anything can happen within a single blink of an eye. Attending an interview is easier than we ever thought, the mobile devices and the internet made things much easier for both the interviewers and the job aspirants. But, the hard work…

  • skill development in India
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    Ten Reasons Why Skill Development in India is needed

    Why do we need skill development in India? When we speak about the skill development in India, there are many reasons to vote for this. It is because of the current education system in India is concentrating only on the grades and it is ignoring the talent and skill levels of the students. Wikipedia provides a great definition of skill, “A skill is the ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both” By this it is very clear that all of us need skills to lead a life, we can also say that without a skill there exists no…