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How To Protect Yourself From Corporate Hospitals Fraud

Corporate hospitals and the fraud game played by them during the treatments are now becoming a common news among us. Health is wealth, this old term is allowing many of the people to invest their money to treat the disease from which they are suffering. And some had lost their lives and some may go bankrupt.

Such cases are very saddening to hear, but these are what now we are experiencing.
I am supposed to post this post in the past when I, myself had encountered with such a terrible experience. I was waiting for my perfect time to strike with my words, and here it is the time to orchestra it.

A Big Hole To Your Pocket

Have you ever visited a corporate hospital near you? Of course, you may do because the government hospitals which claim to have everything wouldn’t have the one which treats us at that particular moment.
Even the government provide them tons and tons of medicines, they still lack them when needed! Where do the drugs walk away? It is a big mystery.
There is almost a cure for every known disease in these days, but still many people are dying with a common fever, how that comes?

The real problem if we dig deep that exists within these government hospitals. But, I will focus on them later.
Today let me help you out how not to make the same mistake which I had made with these corporate hospitals.
You need to be very aware of how these staff who are non-medical will make your thought power go numb.
And if you fall prey to them accidentally or forcibly, then all the money you have earned will start feeding them instead of you. It is like a big hole is made to your pocket. This is how this corporate hospital will make you go bankrupt.

Never Go Alone With A Patient or Without a Patient

We all know when a person is alone, unless he/she is fully focused, we cannot divert their mind. If you accompany alone with a patient to a corporate hospital then they will see you as a walking bank. Because you are there to pay all the unnecessary bills for the consultation and tests, without questioning them why.
This isn’t written here just like that, I had personally witnessed this situation in my life, and this is a big scam where we common people will suffer a lot.
I will explain why not to go alone when I share the situation with you later in this post. But, remember the point.

Corporate Hospitals - Prasanna Dasari

Be Focused

If you are a patient, even you know all the rules and regulations, you cannot do anything, you are completely helpless there. You cannot settle the issue even after getting well, by then the bad might had happened. In case if you are not visiting a corporate hospital as a patient, then there are the list of the things which you need to pay your attention. I am listing all of them below.

 Observe the staff and the receptionist, many people are aggressive here. They are unfriendly, even their role is to behave friendly with the customers (here patients) they will still behave rudely. Notice them carefully and listen to their small talks. Much fraud things are discussed by them with the colleagues in a different language like a coded manner. If we are clever enough, we can identify easily.

They pretend to be the highly qualified techie guys, but they aren’t. They do quote some rules and regulations which are not even mentioned in any rule book. These are the money steal gangs legally, we need to pay attention to which services these bills are paid. Otherwise, they can misguide you easily. It is more stealing than servicing.

 You cannot question the doctor or chairman of the particular corporate hospital easily, to be frank, we have no access to approach them. The consultation fee to be paid in high amounts, we cannot escape this as we have actually consulted the doctor. But say no the unwanted tests which they will prescribe.

The Blood Tests

When they take ounces of blood, it is like they are drawing the cash directly from our bank account. If you let the doctor free, he will fill the prescription list with all the tests, the good, bad, the worst and all the tests will be carried out. They won’t listen to your words, they just don’t care about the symptoms.
What they will do is to test everything and provide you with the report with the attached bill in thousands.
How To Prevent the Looting
The only way out is to be aware of the tricks played by them. I will list them below. Go through them and save the lives and save the money.

1. They talk too much, they explain much about the disease when you ask them questions they will answer like your loved one who is on the bed is really in a critical condition. (When my Dad is taken to the hospital, for suspecting a possible snake bite, the so-called doctors explained every shit related to the venom and the types unnecessarily)2. Do not choose the corporate hospitals unless if it is an urgency.
3. Most of the Managing directors are the on-duty government doctors only, make sure to visit the nearest government hospital before rushing to corporate hospitals.
4. There is also a rumour that the attendants will steal the medicines from you, it is also suggested for you to safeguard your properties.
5. Stay with the patient, they will unnecessarily move the patient to the ICU, you need to know everything before anything to be done by them.
6. Make a note of the injections and tablets they are giving, of course, they are in the file, but still, if things go wrong, we can at least fight for the justice.
Never fall for their magical words, there are ambulance drivers (included the government free services ones), the guys who are just appointed to publicize the hospital in the surroundings, and the staff. It has become more commercial than anything these days.

If you are a person who can easily get tensed then immediately call someone to accompany you. Even we are aware of all these things, we are still helpless there if we are alone with the patient who is our loved one because we cannot act accordingly.

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