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Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment: Book Review

CULTURE is that thing which is the true identity of our existence and we are living with some values and principles because of the culture. Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment is the book which deals with the cultures around the world.

There are different types of cultures around the world and we cannot go at once and view them all.

So, this book from Ashraf Haggag, titled ECHOS OF CULTURE IN THE CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT which I received from the Vinfluencers allowed me to sneak peek at once by sitting at home into the various cultures and their practices.

About the book: Echoes of Culture in the Corporate Environment

The author wrote the book in a perfect reading manner and you won’t lose your focus once if you start reading. This book can also be used as a guide to the different cultures in our world and their insight. We can gain much knowledge about the culture by reading this book.

Coming to the review, the author has shared the facts about the different cultures and the people’s attitude arising from it. The importance of ethnicity and the mode of respect, and all other topics are well researched and presented in this book.

 The book revolves around the central theme, Culture’s influence on – Business negotiations, Communication, Creativity, Employees, and Buying Behaviour.

What’s inside the book Echoes of Culture in the Corporate Environment?

We cannot do business with the complete strangers, but business is approaching a complete strangers circle and making them convinced about the plans and agendas.

This is highly impossible if we are blindsided in terms of culture. We need to be aware of the cultures and their respective views in order to approach people and spread the vast communication zone. This book helps us a lot to do so.

Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment

Cultures of Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East are discussed in this book. With the comparison able terms like personality, work etiquette, the perception of others, patriotism and punctuality.

 We can see these recurring concepts in each of the regions and we can compare and know about the overall records and way of behaviors in this book. Even the biological process will get affected by the culture and this can be seen in the author’s words below.

Culture influences the biological process. The great majority of our conscious behavior is acquired through learning and interacting with other members of our culture. Even those responses to our purely biological needs are frequently influenced by our culture.

For example, people share a biological need for food. Therefore, all people eat, but what we eat, how often we eat, how much we eat, with whom we eat, and according to what set of rules we eat are regulated at least in part by our culture.

In the current world, we are witnessing the startups rising and the growth of the entrepreneurs around the globe. And each businessman will get an opportunity to work globally at some point.

If he/she fails to learn the culture of the particular region in which they are going to work, then the tactics alone cannot work and hence failure will be pretty sure. Because culture alone decides and shapes the attitude of a person since childhood, the following is the best example from the book. Even a freedom of choice is said to be affected by the culture.

In some parts of the world, most children are asked from a very early age to make decisions about what they want to do and what they prefer, while in many other cultures, a parent would never ask a child what he or she wants to do but would simply tell the child what to do.

My Opinion on Echoes of Culture in the Corporate Environment

Personally, I liked each and every topic a lot and the information in it is quite useful for me to develop a nature of learning the cultures. This book is a must-read for those who are willing to learn the values of other cultures and I quote, it is not just limited to a country, but a global one.

Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment

The deep meaning of Culture is reflected in the words below

Culture is always both socially and psychologically distributed in a group, and so the figuration of a culture’s features will always be hazy. Culture is a hazy concept in that group members are unlikely to share identical sets of attitudes, beliefs, and so on. The assumption that culture is uniformly distributed is unwarranted for two types of reasons:

 • Sociogenic (related to social groups and institutions)

 • Psychogenic (related to cognitive and affective processes characteristic of individuals)

 Go ahead and grab a copy and you will definitely love this.

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