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Are We Really Loving Our Elders? – World Elders Day

International day of older persons is celebrated on 1 October 2018, and it is the day to honour the elders in our family and the society. It is officially recognized by the UN and there is a much need to encourage it in these days.

Elder People Deserves Caring and Respect

It is with the saddened heart to say that we witness the disrespect towards the elderly in the society, we saw many children abandoning their parents when they are married etc.

The reason might be different, but the victims would be the elder ones. Many will see older people as a burden to the society, but it won’t take a minute to realize that without them, everything on earth will go as a waste.

World elders day - Prasanna Dasari

Elder People Are the Mentors

Nothing can withstand the experience, we can make use of the experiences they had and the battles they fought can be learnt. Those experiences are so real and it is our best thing to learn from them the tactics and the strategy.

Their experiences can be added to our notes and we can apply them when needed, it may be in a personal or professional life.

The Future

In the future there are almost 2 billion people, with 20 per cent of the world’s population will be more than 60 years. That means these senior citizens are the future for us, who will guide us and will be there to control our emotions and heal us from the mental agony.

They are the future because it is our future too. There is ageing for the muscular body and the physical appearance, but not for the art and the talent they got.

The best example I can show you here is my dad, he is 70 plus and still got the strength in him for the art which he learned himself with all the effort. He went through hardships and had no money to go to a teacher and learn the art. He did it with confidence all by himself, and recently he performed his trick in the public and got appreciation from the youngsters.


This Years’ Theme

Elders day is celebrated around the world since it is an initiative by the UN, the theme for this year is “Celebrating Older Human Rights Champions” and it is the duty of each and every one of us to honour the elders.

Whether they are your family or outsiders, you need to give them away. They are never weak, one of their best times when the world sucked out all the energy it had and gave them a reason to fight with the toughest situations.

As a citizen of your country, there comes your first responsibility to respect the elders and when elder people are in problem, it is we who need to take care of.

Many Elder People Are Struggling In Their Own Homes

When grown up and settling with a family, sons and daughters are abandoning their parent(s), they are either not at all caring for them or forcibly making the elders to join in the old age homes which are similar to jail life.

It is a shameful thing that we are going to talk about it here, as elders, they need to take care of by a son/daughter. They gave life to you, and when you are on your own feet, disgracing them will lead you to the destruction. Their mental agony and depression are increasing. We see 2 houses in every 5 houses in India having such children who torture their elderly parents.

This needs to be stopped and let us together form a team which will take care of this. Happy Elders Day.

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Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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