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Tales Of My Exploration

Exploration is always an amazing feeling to fit into. There are various places on the planet where we can dive into the exploration and finally end up with amusement.

Mysterious places, historical places, adventure lands, if we keep on making the list, it would be a lengthy book. It is everybody’s dream of a lifetime that they must go to a place where they can find the feeling of loss in the dreams, where they can feel like ‘this is the moment of life that I have been waiting since childhood’ the same feeling I had in my mind.

Tales Of Exploration By Prasanna Dasari


The World Has Too Many Places To Visit

“A single life isn’t enough to explore this world, I need to born again to express my love towards nature’s beauty and how I am amazed at the beautiful places I had visited” I can say this because the world may appear to you and me as a small globe in front of us, but when we dive into the exploration then comes the life into the active mode.

We can roam places which are filled with history and where the legends made their first ever step towards to victory which is undisputed one, we can visit the inspirational places and make our life filled with full of inspiration which is fuelled our motivational levels and is also helpful to share with our mates.

It is the time to #SayYesToTheWorld

The world can become my mate, and I can explore it with no strings attached to me. I will fall in love with the world and then a date with it. And this experience can provide me all those loving experiences and the rich things I can collect around the love, which includes the cultures of different areas and countries, the theories and the festivals, especially the loving and caring and the way they are expressing it to a stranger.

I am home, in a comfy zone, then I cannot make all these things happen, it takes really a hell lots of time to do this all alone, so now, my travel partner is none other than the world itself.

It will definitely show me a path where I can have my feet to run continuously fetching for that peace of mind, which we all are lacking much in these technology-driven days. Exploration can make us all true persons, and a purposeful life. It will provide a meaning to our lives.

Exploration Can Inject The Positivity In Us

Many times whenever we are surrounded by the problems, which sometimes seems impossible to find a way out of it. If our mind is in our control and if we are with positive thinking, then things are much easier than we think.

There is a solution for every problem we face, and we can bring that change right now by travelling around the world. The positive nature can be with us and we can rule like the rest of the successful people do. All we need is to realize the importance of it.

My Personal Choice

When coming to the travel inspiration, my personal choice of places may differ from a normal human, I love to travel to the places where nobody has explored before, oh! No, exploration is a farthing, I want to step into a place where never there was a sign of a foreign body entering. This is indeed a craziest idea and choice, but when I was a child, my thoughts drifted around such things and those dreams are still kept waking me up in the middle of the nights.

Past Experiences

I like climbing mountains and hilltops, in the villages, we found many traditional hills and at the hilltop, we usually see a temple constructed or some kind of place for homage.
But, when I was 15yrs old, I explored the nearest hill which is in the forest, fully covered with the dense trees of teak. And I did that all alone.

Inspired by my own instincts, I took that dare step all alone. I was always accompanied by my dad whenever I am out, but that was the first time ever I made it to a completely new place without him or anybody.

Later I had to pay for what I did, I lost in the jungle and it was becoming dark, the sun is hurrying up to go down and it stopped providing me with that good crystal clear light that gave me in the morning. And It was around 6:30 PM and then a local farmer’s bullock cart was passing by the downhill way. I was scared to take assistance to way back to my home, but I had no choice and then I made a call and the farmer picked me up and dropped me on a road which leads me to my home, but it was nearly 4kms away.

That experience didn’t just go down like that, what I have done is really appreciated later when people spoke, there are many stories which are tied up with that hill, like hypocrisies, and superstitious claims, I was not aware of them and I took a step forward unknowingly to explore a place which is named as haunted.
But, those thrilling moments are still with me, only I can share this with anyone, anytime because it is an exploration with all the love and interest.

And my dream is to explore more and more and go on a blind date with the world. I know the world will allow me to achieve this marvellous dream of mine.

Tales of Exploration by Prasanna Dasari


I would like to pick from the blind list because this is quite different from the bucket list. I can boost my exciting serum levels to the high because am not aware where the blind list will fly me with its choice. Forever and ever, I will be the one admirer of the world’s amazing places spread through the countries and I will always love to be a part of any kind of exploration.

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