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Failure Is Inevitable – A Note to Students

Failure is inevitable, we all will fail while trying out something and there is no need to feel ashamed after you taste the failure. You must be proud because you failed because you tried it out, you failed because you made an attempt to face the problem, you failed because you attended and written that examination successfully. And always remember that failure is not a disgrace.

The exams season filled in the students with tension and fear of failure, pressure from the families and the management to be handled and they need to prepare. After the completion of the exams, it is the time for results. And most of us will eagerly wait for the results to get released.

And once the results are out, the game begins, few students who have failed will be locking themselves in a room and isolating themselves from the world and they start crying.

And this continues until their pain vanishes away and it is hard to see a smile on their faces so soon. Here I am, writing this post to put back that smile back on to your faces, because your smile makes you look beautiful, but not that sad face.

Failure is not a crime, you know how things will work in this world, if you try, you will either get succeed or fail. If you don’t even try you are considered as a coward. Failure is an identification mark of going to be a success. Failure is the lesson, which teaches us how to not repeat the mistakes, and failure is a coach and a mentor, who will hit us with a staff for our improvement.

What do you think? The all top list guys who are today’s rulers of the success had never gone through any situation similar to yours? They are famous and successful today because they worked hard and failed many times. And when they failed, no one in this world knows them, no one in this world witnessed their pain, and no one ever saw in what kind of situation they are in when they failed. The world just doesn’t care.

It won’t see the battles which are fought behind, it only check whether you are successful today or not, it won’t wipe off your tears, it will not encourage you and guide you how to be successful, instead, sometimes it will point you out for your failures.

failure is inevitable

If you failed in a subject or two or more today, just don’t lose hope, don’t give up on your dreams and goals. This failure is not permanent, this failure is temporary and it is the pathway to the future success.

If nobody stands by your side when you failed in your exam, don’t worry. Because they will be the gang who will appreciate you if you pass in the future. It is the game, and win or loss, we must not worry, what it all matters is how we performed and to what extent can we push ourselves to the goal.

Dear students, your result may be negative today, it may ruin your day today and it is the reason of your sadness today. But, don’t get depressed. You failed and you got another crystal clear extra shot at the goal. You can aim again and get the success next time.

If failure is a loss forever, then any educational system won’t provide the second chance to write the exam again. Since failure is a part of the system too, you need not worry about it that much and get depressed.


As I said in the beginning, failure is inevitable, we see those students who are carried with a nameplate of so-called topper of the school or college will make fun of the students who didn’t get through their semester. Well, this is a note to them, it takes huge courage in tons and tons to accept the failure and move on.

If you mock someone for their failure life will put you through the same failure at some point in your life. You may be good at studies, but you don’t have the right to make fun of other’s failure. If possible motivate them and make them ready to give another attempt and help them to achieve the success. If you can’t do that, just keep silent.

And am not targeting any topper here, logically speaking there are no topper in the education. And I was once so-called a topper, I did felt like am floating in the mid-air and climbed clouds. Once I entered the reality, the real life beyond the books and marks. Then I realized the need to learn the life, but not the subjects.


The family is the spine of every student because it is where a student will feel comfortable to share everything which is happening in their life. I saw many of my friends while I was studying Engineering, they never dared to reveal their failed subjects (backlogs) with their families.

This is because they are afraid of the discouragement and other consequences. And there is another section of students too, who will freely share the news of failures with their family. Those who don’t share with the family, they tend to hurt themselves more and more. And this is because they are afraid of rejection and they are lack of the support from the family.

failure is inevitable

As a parent or a sibling, it is primarily your duty to support the student. Feed him/her with the positive attitude and encourage them to study more.

Never by mistake compare your children results to the others. This will make them more discouraged and fear of failure increases in their hearts.

Let’s talk in detail in the upcoming posts about the fear of failure, for now, to all those students out there, my humble request is, never ever give up and don’t cry.

This is not the dead-end of the world, you have left a lots more to explore and learn. Be practical and be positive. Accept the success and failures, in the same manner, I wish you all the best wishes for your next time.

Keep smiling, spread the smile.


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Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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