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How to Fall In Love and Stay In Love

To fall in love you need not aim for it since ages or there is nothing like strategy. Falling in love is an amazing thing to experience in our lives. And it has all kinds of multiple emotions mixed up together and allows you to experience the real meaning of life. It is an emotion and it can be won only through the emotion.

What is love?

Love is a divine feeling that will allow you to float in the air in the world of dreams and they call comes true if it is a true one. It is something that is highly responsible for your change in the attitude.

Love always takes birth in the heart and then it flows throughout the body. To speak about the love, there are many ways to define love. And there are also many forms of love, but what makes it fulfill is the true and honest love.
If you are willing to find the love of your life and a soul mate then here are the 11 things which will assist you in finding the one.

How to fall in love and stay in love - Prasanna Dasari

And what I suggest here is not to solely depend on these 11 things to fall in love, you can extract your own when you get a more insight on how to do this. Since am a boy, here are the tips for boys, but love is the same feeling so even girls can hang on here.

Follow these only if you are seriously wandering for a true love, that which never fades away.

1. Self-Check Your Attitude

We can’t make anyone love us until we love ourselves. And once if we explore what we love about ourselves, then it will be easy for us to gain the heart of others.
To fall in love with a girl, you need to self-check and double check how you are going to make your life change after falling in love.

Love is not about a single person, there must be two hearts and it must be dealt with care. Before you fall in love make sure to clear all the issues related to your attitude and be ready to accept yourself first. This is the first ever thing you need to do before giving your heart to someone special.

2. Write Down the Qualities of Your Life Partner

An unwritten goal is only a wish – this is true in case of both career and relationships. If you would like to have a successful relationship with goals at your desk. Then it is better to write down all of the qualities which you are willing to have in your life partner.

Writing will allow us to have a crystal clear vision and it will provide more clarity about your all expectations. Write it all with the passion and make sure not to write something for a comfortable sake. Write all the facts and even if they are harsh, do not back down.

3. Explore the Love of Your Life: Do Not Prefer Social Media

Search for the love, to fall in love you need to find the one first and the beginning step you take must be very close to the real life. When coming to the finding your true soul mate, people these days are searching for their girlfriend on the social networks.

Whether it is the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat you name it. All these social networking sites are there only to reveal your identity and bring the best buddies into your life. Not the soul mate, because most of the social media born love stories either failed or ended up in the middle and broken marriages.

How to fall in love and stay in love - Prasanna Dasari

This is because there must be a huge misunderstanding between the two due to the distance. And this distance cannot be considered as the physical distance like miles or nautical. This is social media distance and you cannot fill it with the words and compromises.

If you are willing for a relationship that which will last longer, then it is highly not recommended to find it on the social networks or chat rooms. This is suggested by a personal experience in my life.

4. To Fall in Love: Develop Good Communication – Approach and Talk

If you like a girl, then go ahead and approach her without hurting her feelings. This has been the oldest and mostly succeeded way to fall in love with a girl. And since it is an old process, it is gold and you can do this too with whole lots of guidance from the real people in the real world.
Approaching a girl will allow you to make a decision and it gives you the courage to propose to her and take your relationship to the next level. Without communicating with her you cannot know her better. And avoid using the mediators in this, because it’s you who want to talk to her not the mediator.

Develop good communication skills and just talk to the girl. And we will discuss how to develop these communication skills and master them in the future blog posts.

5. Maintain Genuineness and Hide Nothing

If you are successfully connected to her, be genuine from the very first day. This will avoid
• Misunderstandings in the future on any issue which was not discussed between you or hidden.
• No need to build a lies bridge, you can freely share what are your feelings like at the particular moment.
• You can forgive each other and can persevere in any situation.
• You can create an open atmosphere where anything can be discussed with an openness.
• There is no place for domination, degradation, ugly fights when you are genuine
• Problems can be solved together without undergoing loads of stress upon your minds

Above are the benefits you can count in if you both maintain the genuine relationship. Do not force her to maintain the honesty, she will do that once she develops slowly the trust in you. These things really need a time. Nothing can be done in an overnight.

6. Understand Her Feelings, Emotions and Fears

To fall in love means to understand her completely. You need to know everything about her, this is a big research you need to do on her. And sometimes you may end up in failing when your guesswork didn’t work.

You need to understand all of her emotions and of course fears too. Like if she is scared of thunders and if she is afraid if you shout. These things are the most delicate ones where you need to take care of gently.

Her physical appearance is the last thing that should be given preference because you first need to know that heart.

7. Avoid Arguments – Handle the Situations with Mutuality.

Before you fall in love the main thing you need to know about her is her attitude towards the fighting. If your girl always treats everything as a serious problem then you need to develop on implementing the all the adjustments to your attitude. You need to be cool and handle this, if you fire on her, she will do the same and there will be more arguments which will lead to much damage to the relationship.

How to fall in love and stay in love - Prasanna Dasari

Avoid discussing unnecessary things and always the third person is the reason to lit the fire. Avoid all these by making the list.

8. Nurture Your Patience

Patience will save you and your relationship. If you are a kind of person who is short-tempered and will rip off everything and break all the things, then it is the caution here not to do all that in front of a girl. Because if she notices that you are out of control on such situations she will either reject you or stop discussing with you about them.

Anger is always an enemy to the human race. Try out some tips and cast the anger inside you away. It might ruin your relationship any day. Girls always love the cool persons.

9. Meet Her Family Regularly

Meeting your girl’s family members is a chill in the spine, but you just need to do this because they are going to be your family too. And if you reject to do so then she will begin doubting you.

To fall in love you need to go to her house, even if there are adverse situations at her home you need to visit her once or twice a month at least to pass them a message that you are caring for her.

How to fall in love and stay in love - Prasanna Dasari

10. Stop Doubting Her and Avoid Reminding of Her Past Constantly.

If you want her to agree with you and show all the love she got on you then you need to follow this very golden rule. Don’t irritate her by talking or raising a discussion about her past. You can talk slowly about her sad past later when you are both so close and attain a level where you cannot give up.

Raising a discussion will lead to the destruction of the relationships.

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