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Father’s Day: What Makes a Father Happy?

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Father’s day is all about love and caring, the love is unconditional with no return required. That caring we can’t find anywhere on this earth.

On this father’s day, I am going to honour my father with this post. Not only my father but to all the fathers out there am dedicating this post.

What Can We Give to Our Fathers?

The answer would be a straight one, nothing. We cannot give anything to our fathers because we are not able to give him anything. All the costliest gifts which we plan to give him on father’s day won’t be able to define him.

And when we talk about what can we give to the creators, the answers would be many.

The best property that a Father can get is to see his child’s success. And it is the only best gift a child can give to his dad. Holding hands, keeping that little finger in his fist and walking with steps in steps, looking at the enormous world with those tiny eyes.

The world is beautiful to any child who can get a father’s love. It is a small town with that kid who is in the arms of his father. We all felt in that way, yes we all do. Who is the real hero? Our father.

Their tales at night filled the courage in us, their love made us feel special like a Princess and Prince. His arms around us acted as a shield that will protect us from any encounter. Wow, who is he? Father, the only name with whom I feel like a superstar. Even we have nothing, they will love us the same. If we are useless to the world, fathers will never abandon you. That love is the true one, and we need to learn how to love from our fathers.

Me and My Dad

I can make things possible with his presence, with him beside me, I will be victorious. This is what my relationship with my dad. Like all of you, even I got epic stories to share. I learnt to stay within the border of respect, who taught me? My father.

 I learnt how to face any problem in my life, well who is the teacher? My father. Too many questions, my answer will be the same, my father. And every time I utter his name, my blood in veins flow more faster than usual, what is it? The power. “Being a hero doesn’t mean to knock down your enemy, but to gain a respect for him” I learned such meaningful lessons from him. Whatever I am today, all credit belongs to my dad.

I am always his best choice and he is mine. In recent days am taking lots of hurts. Sometimes I feel like I could never make it, but one word from my dad wakes me up and keep me alive in the battle. I took blames on me, many people who do not know about me and my life made harsh comments on my living.

Father's day: What makes a father happy

Like Father, Like Son – Father’s Day tag

They said, “like Father, like son.” I felt proud. They indirectly disrespectful to my father, but I rejoice in it. Because what I know about my dad is known to his entire family. In his footsteps am going through and misunderstanding words from others may hurt me, but they are just a phase. On this father’s day, am not in that situation to gift my dad a Benz or Ford. For now, I can’t afford them. It makes me feel sad for a moment, then I realized that he doesn’t need them. What all he needs is just ‘me’. I’ve given myself to him when I was born.

Today after experiencing the world, am surrendering to him again. Because without him, I am still nothing. Am making a covenant with my father, that will be standing forever. I don’t care what the world creates about me, I know me and am having a good relationship with my creator too.

I don’t want to hurt my dad with my foolishness. It’s time for me to make things better. My millions of mistakes are forgiven by him, also he forgets them all.

Holding your little finger is fun, 
I see the world with you besides.
 Holding you so close so tight, I see the meaning of love in it. 
Holding your shirt back and running with you, I see the meaning of fastness. 

Holding your neck while I stay in your arms,
 I see the meaning of comfort. 
 Through your eyes, I visualize the beauty of the world,
 Dear Dad! It’s me all pleasure to get you as my father. 
In you, I’ve my security and life, 
In you, I’ve my dreams.

 Those dreams need your assistance to become true. 
 When am weak, you were there assisting me to stand up and walk.
 And when you become weak, I’ll be with you. I pray to the Lord Almighty,
 that fills me up with such love so that I can express it to you. 
 This love of us will never end, 
No goodbye forever. Just you and me forever. I love you with me all love dad. 

Let Me Introduce My Dad to You…

He is the father of two children, he is the hero, superhero and real-life superstar and a wrestler.
I see him as a wrestling star walking in the streets with obedience and helping nature. I see in him my future and my life.

But, to be like him is always a challenge to me, I have tried many times and failed. He is known for his patience and love. Where I am a short-tempered guy. I am still trying to be him, one day I know I will be reaching this goal because I am his blood.

Father As a Teacher

 It’s him who designed me what I am today. It’s him who taught me how to smile. And he made me forget the word ‘sadness’. I came to know the value of life by reading about his experience.
I learnt what is the true love and what’s its shape with the life lessons from him. For me, the shape of love isn’t the heart, but it’s my dad. And this is just the introduction to his love. What more can I say about him, he is my Hero.

 To all fathers out there, reading this article. You are very special. You are the creators of future heroes, you are the saints and designers. I respect you all for you made your children represent your nature. We all are replicas to our fathers. Let’s wish them, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.

Father and Child Relationship

A father and child relationship is amazing in the sight of God. It is all where it began, the father loves us more than anyone. He is our mentor and caretaker. When we call unto him, he’ll listen and answer us.

God has established this relationship by teaching us the importance of the mentorship and love. How to survive and how to live. More moral values are taught by any earthly father to his children. No matter whether it’s a boy/girl. Father will teach them.

Fathers day: What makes a Father happy?

And this relationship is strengthened by the involvement of God. With his assistance, we the sons & daughters of God are able to thank him for all the good things and pray him to get those things better which are not good. Before we celebrate the Father’s Day, it’s the moment we’ve to thank God for providing us with the shelter under the protective wings of our father.

It’s our duty to make them all happy. They laboured for us, fought for us and still fighting. They’re the support and the backbone. It’s time to greet your Father on earth lovely because it’s because of the Heavenly Father creation he is there to be with you in every single situation.

We can gift them with materials and take them out at a party. Those are just the earthly pleasures and they’re needed too. But, there is one more thing which is compulsory. The attitude of us will represent our Fathers.

Carrying the Legacy

Everything will represent our fathers. If we are the good attitude, then we can carry the legacy of our family as clean. If we are bad, we are making the name of our Father bad. It’s the time to gift them with true love and affection than any materials. It’s our first priority to honour them.

The worldly positions are temporary, but a love nurtured in our deep heart will be forever even when we are gone. What makes him happy is your attitude.
You can do anything you wish, it must bring a good name to the one who is the reason for your existence and who named you.
Be humble to him, and it will be a blessing to you. Respect is what we’ve to learn, treating them with the same love forever. Do you remember the amount of love that you had with your dad when he fulfilled your wish by buying that favourite toy for you? Show the same amount of love even if he rejects to fulfil your wish. Because whatever he is doing, there will be a reason.

Increase the love of your father, never cease from it. Don’t let anyone steal the position of him, remember he is the one who was there and will be there forever beside you when you are going through hardships, not anyone, but him.

This Father’s day must bring a cheerful moment, take oaths, keep new goals today. It’s more than your birthday; it’s the day where your morals are rooted. If someone ready to read, I’ll continue to write much and it is also not a good thing to trouble your eyes, so am concluding here. Before I sign off, I WISH ALL FATHERS OUT THERE A HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. You are the true hero because you are making new heroes.

My Sweet Memories with My Hero

still remember very well, when I was in my school there is a lesson called ‘Family’ and it started with the line saying ‘Father is the head of the family’ then I kept it in my mind and memorized it all these years. Though the true meaning in it is only revealed when I entered high school.

I never went alone to the school, always accompanied by my dad or sometimes my sister. All my friends called me a coward and I didn’t get hurt at all because it was what I am in the past. There are almost many things of which I was scared of. To cross a road and to walk next to a hospital, everything. And my dad knew this and he always dropped me at the school and in the evening he picked me up.
You can find us anywhere in Adilabad, even at my dad’s office. We roamed all places together and left no new place unexplored. This is my relationship with my dad in my childhood.

Never Give Up – My Father Taught Me How Not to Give Up

He never let me down in anything, he taught me the concept of never giving up. I always love to ride a bicycle and there is a big hero cycle in our home. And every holiday evenings we went to a nearby cycle showroom and hired a bicycle for three hours or five.

While learning how to ride it, I fall down again and again. It is because am a fresher and I don’t even know how to balance.

Then my dad assisted me in everything and because of the injuries I made, one day I came up with the thought of giving up on learning the bicycle.

But, it’s my dad again filled back the confidence in me and allowed me to learn to ride.

Today I am a good rider and I race sometimes too on bikes.

Father's day: What makes a father happy

I Am Still His Little Kid

I still go out with my dad and I still feel the same kid feeling like everything is new to me, he taught me how to travel alone, how to interact with people. Am glad to learn them all from my dad.

Here I am what I am today because of him and his efforts. My entire life isn’t enough to thank him.

My Father Never Punished Me

My dad never punished me, he is a man of faith and he loves to follow that, but for me, he didn’t follow a rule in it. The Bible many times talked about disciplining the child by the father, it says there that any father didn’t punish his son then it’s like that father is allowing the child to go down a wrong path. And it says as follows

“Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him” Proverbs 13:24

In the above verse it says to punish the son, but even now my dad didn’t apply this in his life. He didn’t follow the Bible here. That doesn’t mean I was that good, I did a number of mistakes and he bears them as like his. He forgave me every time and still he’s the same.

Did that love make me disobedient? No is my answer, I learn from his patience and love, he is a teacher to me. I don’t remember the days when I roamed on roads with friends, I always felt hard to find friends, but I very well remember those days I roamed with him. He is my best friend.

He is the form of forgiveness and abundant love, showed me the good path to walk and shaped me as a good person. On this Father’s day am wishing the hero of my life, my best friend, my guide, my rescuer, my lover, my all-time mentor, my dad a happy Father’s day.

I was impressed with the stunts of the heroes,
Those are much away from the reality,
Then I began to search for the real hero.
One day when struck amidst of the problem.

There came my dad to save me from it.
Then another day I was again in a confusion,
That confusion brought me the depression
I thought that any superhero or their powers would come to my aid.
But later that day it was completely different,
The person who solved my problem is my dad.

Another day I was alone with my dad,
his action-filled words and daring proved
me that I found a  real hero,
who will help me in dealing with the real-life problems?

On a holiday I took time and told him,
dad, you are a real hero, quite different from that of movies.
Then he just laughed and told me that,
“I am no hero, it is the life that decides who is the real hero.

One day, someday you will pass through the toughest
situations, those situations will teach you how to
make life easier to live.
Then you will realize, the true hero is nowhere but within you. 

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