Fear of failure
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How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is common among all of us, from students to employers this habit is seen.

When anyone approaches you with a proposal, you will be first shocked, in the next moment you will be questioning yourself about how can you stand up for the situation. We humans, have one bad habit, we will first think about the bad that is going to happen if we undertake any task. We first think negatively, then and only we will move towards the good thing in doing that.

Negative thinking is always like a disease without any treatment. Because when the negative thoughts attack our mind, then there would be a noticeable change in the way we behave and the way we talk. All these changes can be glued to us in the thinking we do later.

Fear of failure

This negative thinking is the root of the fear of failure. Failure is inevitable; it is not something which is always avoided from our profiles. We all failed in the past in the course of this journey.

And we do not know exactly how many more times we are going to fail in the attempts we make. This failure either professionally or personally, counts into just failures. And brooding over these failures will do nothing productive for us.

To overcome the fear of failure we need to follow few tips, and these tips are realistically applicable in our lives right now.

1. Accept the failures of the past

If you remember when did you fail trying out something in the past, accept it. Do not feel guilty or shy to agree with the truth that you had failed.

Because failure is not a process where we can ignore and escape. It is a compulsory go through kind of loop.

Accepting it will make you a person with broad-minded and it will craft your thinking ability more.

2. Make necessary changes to your lifestyle to overcome the fear of failure

To overcome the fear of failure you need to learn from the past and then change the current lifestyle according to the situations around you.

You don’t need to be an expert of life skill advisor to take this step. Write down your daily routines, I do the same daily. And read them daily, if any routine is unusual and bothers you. Just cut it down. Repeat this until there are only those points in the list which are completely good to you.

3. Set Goals

Goal setting is an amazing strategy, it will make us sharp at work and assist us to concentrate more on the work.

To overcome the fear, a goal setting can be helpful, why because when we have a goal then definitely it will be specific and time-bound. When we pre-plan something then there will be no place for any kind of fear.

4. Don’t sweat for small things

I knew few people who will consider any task as most urgent and they will sweat a lot when coming to the planning. Of course, I can count myself in because the same thing is with me too.

But, is that really necessary to treat the tasks which are not urgent as the urgent ones? The answer will depend upon the person. If the doer is time-bound then well and good, if he/she has the habit of procrastination, then speeding up the tasks when they are miles away is important too.

The point is our attitude and behaviour will definitely reflect in our performance.

5. Stop being pessimist all the time

There is no need to look through the criminal glasses each and every time. Also, have some belief that there is something good that is going to happen with us. If you are glued to the pessimistic thinking then the fear of failure knocks at your door every day.

Life is never meant to be easy, the journey of life is so tough and if we are a pessimist then it will play with us. Learn and practice to look the brighter side of the problem. It will provide you solutions which are really helpful in solving the problems.

6. Avoid expectation

Personally, I have seen many people with the over expectation behaviour. I can call this as a syndrome, and I had suffered from this too in the past.

But, when I realized that the over expectation leads me to the fear of failure then I had started working on breaking this habit. With the few bitter and sad experiences, finally, I waved a goodbye to the OE syndrome.

And over expectation will never overlap with the pre-planning. Both are completely different.

7. Increase your skill levels and performance up to date

If you are a student, you know exactly that in the next level the subjects are going to be tougher and you need to spend more productive time in digging deeper and exploring them.

You know this and if you fail to maintain the time and ignore this, definitely failure will welcome you. In the same way, if you are an office employee or a businessman, you know that your performance needs an improvement and your skill level must get better at the time. Otherwise, your boss may fire you one day or your entire business tactics will become outdated one day.

Knowing these all, you have to work from today itself in order to prevent the bad happening to you. If you run in the peak of the time then the fear of failure will drive you, but not the confidence. And this will affect your performance and quality

8. Learn time management

To beat the fear of failing, time is the only key. It will become your weapon to fight. If you don’t learn to handle it, then the worst enemy is time itself and you can’t shake it easily.

When time is in our hands and we have tasks to complete, then it is easier for us to plan and finish the tasks. If the time is running out and we are not yet prepared for anything before, then we will lose.

We all have our limitations and the above-mentioned tips like goal setting and skill levels will assist us to learn the time management. Time is precious and time is money if we can use it, then everything is perfect, if we fail to make use of it then the time will make fun of us.

fear of love

9. Be a good listener and accept bits of advice from others

To become a successful person in life, we need to be good listeners first. It is proved that listeners will learn fast and those who will listen to reply will forget everything in the end.

If you are in any conversation with anyone on phone or off the phone, you better to listen carefully to them. If you lack the clarity or not audible, ask them to repeat. Listening will improve us and shape us.

If you are a good listener then the fear of failure is nothing to you. You can beat it because if you are a good listener, definitely you are slow to react and you will never make spontaneous decisions.

10. Be prepared

If you had already done all the necessary homework and there is nothing that you can improve any further or take it to the next level. Then it is the time for you not to think about the fear of taking an initial step, but to enjoy the moments and cherish in all the hard work you had done.

Sometimes even there are many chances of winning, we will lose. And this loss must never boost our fear of failure which is always present inside. We need to realize that we had done our best and it is not our time.

Never lose hope, the next day would be yours and then you will be back on track.

Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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