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Hachiko a Dog’s Tale – Review

Few movies we watch in our lives are so close to us. Each and every scene appears like we are in it, few movies will occupy a special place in our hearts and stay there as long as we live. Hachiko a dog’s tale is one of those few movies.

They aren’t just movies but the pictures which depict our nature.

Here am going to discuss a movie which has stolen millions of hearts and filled almost all the eyes with tears when they watched it. This isn’t any latest movie or not any old romantic, talking clearly this movie isn’t about human beings.

There are no action fights, no graphics and no beach girls. Still, it took a place in the disks of many youngsters. No more prolonging, the movie is HACHIKO – A DOG’S STORY (2009).

This is the reality-based story, a true story which took place in Japan between a Dog and his master.

Records say that Hachi or Hachikō born on Nov 10, 1923, and left the world at 11 years of age on Mar 08 1935.

Hachi is known for loyalty, honesty, perseverance, love and patience this becoming the symbol of loyalty for the love is showed on the master.

The story behind Hachi’s fame:

Hachi means, number ‘8’ in the Japanese language. Hachi’s owner Hidesaburo Veno loved Hachi much and he was followed by Hachi daily to the Shibuya Station where Veno took a train for work. They do it daily and Hachi waits his arrival in the evening. One day Veno died while he was at work and he never returned to the station where Hachi is waiting. Hachi didn’t saw his dead body and never saw him stepping down the train which he took in the morning. That made Hachi wait with patience at the station daily at the same time.

This waiting isn’t for a day, or a week or a month. To our surprise, it is for next nine years, nine months and fifteen days from the day Veno died.

Think once, it is nine months a dog waited for his arrival of its master. And even more, Hachi can wait if he is not left in this world.

Hachiko a dog's tale - Prasanna Dasari

This perseverance is unexplainable one, this awaiting has no equalization.

The resting place of Hachi is at National Museum of Nature and Science in Veno, Tokyo. Hachi is an ‘AKITA’. Hachi is completely affectionate towards his master and reports say that Hachi had no offspring.

Hachikō in the movie :

In the movie, a small kid Ronnie, in his oral presentation at school picks the topic by his choice about his grandfather’s dog, Hachikō. Whom he addresses as his hero. He narrates the story to his schoolmates.

It was in that station, where Prof.Parker Wilson (Ronnie’s grandfather)  meets Hachi for the first time. This is by an accident, as Hachi falls at that American station from a cage which is destined to the US from Japan.

When Carl (station master) feels bad about locking Hachi all the night in the station office, Parker picks Hachi and takes him to home with an intention of returning it to the real owner. When Parker reaches home, his wife Cate doesn’t want the puppy to stay home. But, slowly give up on that idea as her husband developed a special affection on Hachi.

Parker came to know that Hachi is an ‘Akita’ a very special breed and a Japanese Prof. Ken transliterates the symbol on the collar of Hachi, and it is number 8, which means a good fortune. Then Parker names the puppy as Hachikō.

Parker is always surprised because of the behaviour of Hachi. It is because Hachi never behaved like all the dogs, he never played a fetch game and actions are quite different from those other dogs.

Days are passing by, Hachi and Parker are now the true lovers. They loved each other much and strengthened their relationship. Hachi followed Parker on his way to work to the station. Then returns back home and in the evening he goes to the station and waits for his master, Parker. This is a daily routine thing for both of them.

One day Hachi came with all willingness to play fetch game, he brought a ball in his mouth and approached Parker. This amazed Parker and he finally felt happy about this.

But, Hachi barking in such a way he is not allowing Parker to leave to work that day. However, he finally went to work with the ball which Hachi and he played within his hand.

During his lecture, Parker broke down and due to a heart attack, he died at the spot.

Here, at the station in the evening time. Hachi being unaware of the fact that his master is no more came to his regular spot and awaiting Parker’s arrival. Later in the evening, Hachi was taken home.

But, Hachi still waiting for its master. The next evening, at the same time and in the same spot awaited for Parker. And the next evening and the next… Weeks, months and years passing on. Parker never returned. But, Hachi didn’t lose hope and never give up waiting with patience.

Hachikō became the sensational topic with a local article published in a newspaper. Everyone who knows Parker and Hachi began to pity Hachi and providing him food.

Andy, daughter of Parker tried to keep Hachi home but later realised that her action hurting Hachi and she let Hachi go to do its duty. Hachi started to stay nights in the station, spending his time in waiting for his lovely owner. Dreaming about his presence and touch.

Hachi became everyone’s responsibility because of his loyalty and perseverance.

After ten years, Cate came to town on the tenth anniversary of Parker. She meets Ken, and surprised to see Hachi still waiting, she got no words to praise for this loyal being.

Hachiko a dog's tale - Prasanna Dasari

She gives her hand for a sniff and sits with Hachi, waiting for her train, converses with Hachi by saying it is ten years now Parker left. And she also says it’s Hachi’s duty to wait there. She admires Hachi a lot, hugs him and wishes bye.

When she reaches home, Ronnie gets to know about Hachi. He heard a lot about him from his grandmother, but never knew Hachi personally. Those students who laughed, in the beginning, shed tears when Ronnie finished his message.

Her words made this boy to treat Hachi as a Hero, the loyal being and the altogether love of Hachi is worthy of a praise.

And at the end of the movie, Hachi dreams of uniting with Parker, they play together and Hachi hugs him. (Hachi remains unstable laying on the green grass)



It was three or four years back I saw this post in an English daily and I clicked right away and saved it in my album. I felt like blogging about it today because I love pets very much, especially dogs.

This post is a reminiscent of Hollywood movie  ‘Hachiko – a dog’s story’ as the same scenario is repeated here.

This took place in a small village in China, where this little dog’s companion and master died and was buried. Later the pet disappeared from home and was seen at the graveyard of its master. How heart touching it is! The love and the loyalty of a dog are always appreciable. We couldn’t find this love in the society in these days.

Hachiko - Prasanna Dasari

It refused to move away from the graveyard and hence it is similar to the Hachiko’s story (a real story) where Hachi waits for his master at the railway station (forever) after his death. And this post made me shed tears for the generosity it has. Since I know the love of dog’s too. And am very affectionate with them.

In my opinion, a life goes completely meaningless if it does not experiences love from a little companion, a dog (or any pet). To earn their love means much to this human life because we are in a world where hatred prevails much and animals do not hate n. Speaking frankly human is a cruel one, wild force and evil.

His intention is always a selfish one and can never match with opposite person. Whereas a dog, when brought home as a pup, it learns to love its master.

Completely offers its life at service and stay with a commitment. It doesn’t act, it knows no cheating. Plays with you with a pure heart and walks beside you with a fully grown affection.

It’s us, the humans who have a mask on us and covers our inner attitude with a fake smile on our faces. A dog may not smile, it may not have a long life than us but, it earns our heart with its attachment and love towards us. What can a filthy heart earn in this world? Does it ever get satisfied???

A dog may not recognize the colors but a human who enjoys a rainbow abide with the sincerity? A dog’s life is completely a black and white one but still, its love is more than colour. When I see people ill-treating dogs I get much angry and I think they are lower than a dog.

I saw people use the municipality rules and regulations to slay street dogs. I lost more than one of the companions by the poisoning by injections by the municipality, even those dogs which aren’t harmful got killed. This is completely unkind and inhumane.

People who say its a rule, why the hell do they won’t follow it in other cases, for example, queue system at the bus? Where the rules went?? I know its the government which has to think before they take a step. This my post about killing dogs by the municipality will be coming soon and am not sure that this, so-called municipality following all the rules of neatness!

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