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World Heart Day 2018 – How to Have A Healthy Heart

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World Heart Day is celebrated to spread the awareness about the heart diseases and the stroke. It is our duty to protect the master of our life, the one that carries the feelings and emotions which run this world inside a bone carriage.

Today we are experiencing severe heart diseases and many people around the globe report the problems in their heart. It is the common issue these days.

Protect Your Heart

It is your own heart, so protect it well, there are many other diseases on this earth which still has no cure, the technology we own today is the best when compared with the old generations. And due to the polluted world, the attack of the diseases has been rapidly increased too.

Now it is the time to spread the awareness to all the people who are even with a healthy heart to make that beating machine keeps on beating.


Avoid Food That Harms Your Heart

Mankind lives and survives with the food, the food we take is the only source for the energy we own. But, that food can even lead us in a completely wrong way and damages our organs. For example, excessive intake of the oils will increase the risk of a heart attack. And it also increases the cholesterol content in our body.

We need to keep an eye on the menu and maintain a good and proper diet. What you eat will define you.

Never Miss Regular Check-Ups

If you are already suffering from a heart disease, then definitely you have a cardiologist looking after it, meet him/her regularly and monitor the organ. And if you are warned that you are having a risk of having a heart disease, then follow strictly all the necessary steps to control its strike. Remember, nothing is important than your life.

Avoid Tensions

Human life is a bit critical one to live, we have problems mentally, physically we breakdown many times. Personal and professional problems do exist all the time. We cannot run away from them, they accompany us wherever we go.

Avoiding the tensions in life might decrease the risk of having a heart disease, and tensions won’t solve the problems, they create the one. So, think practically, never let yourself fall down to the ground. The world has become so selfish that you need to get up all by yourself from the ground to fight back again.

Your heart must be strong to perform this.

Love and More Love

Love has the magical power to heal, it is considered as a direct medicine which is inbuilt in humans from our creator. If we are filled with love inside us, then it will make us live happily and with less pain, no burning at all. If we fill our fist-size organ with all hatred and jealous, then it will burn and that fire it creates might cost your life one day.

It is the time to realize that loving and being loved is the best treatment we take and give to our loved ones and neighbours. So be there practicing it daily.



Exercise According To Your Strength

Work out is the finest thing that keeps you fit, but beyond the limits, it’s too dangerous to push your body. I saw many youngsters and middle-aged persons these days who are with the wild hunger to build the muscles, well, I am not saying it is not good to grow muscles, being a muscle makes you proud. There is also a need to watch for your health and limit your body can go through.

If you put through the extreme then it is of no use.

Own A Pet (Preferred Dog)

To have a dog means to have the best mate on earth, there are few sections of people who hate dogs, then it is their personal, but if you love to have one then go for it. Your dog can protect you and increase your lifetime. It is the only generous and loyal being on earth still with us.
Your dog can make you happy, it will make you exercise and run with it. You can go for a walk, both of you will look amazing on the road you hit, trust me.

Think Less, Do Much

Thinking will sadden your heart, if you are stuck somewhere in life, then try to figure out things with the brain, but not with the heart. It cannot take all the stress as you do, keep away in many cases.
Try to laugh and spread the smile. It is the best cure you can give yourself and to others.

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