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How to Rejoice in Grief

We are not on a tension less planet, this world won’t let us live with a free mind and here am going to guide you how to rejoice in grief. Especially in the current technological generation.

We have to confront with a lot of competitions and survivals. It feels sometimes peace became a scarcity in this jet speed world. Relaxing became a valuable source like it is a non-renewable.

All this stress and tensions leads any strong heart or weak heart person into depression and to cope with grief is really like a rocket science to us when it knocks us down. In any field there is stress and nowadays we can’t find a stress less job to do.

As it is involved everywhere due to the current competition we have. And the statistics of the heart diseases and mental illness is increasing and wide-spreading viral due to these stress. Many among us victimized due to the work stress. There are many stages of grief too.

All we need to do is, understanding the grief and moving forward. You can consider this post as a grief counseling.

how to rejoice in grief

Something we have to do to help ourselves and to stay on a safe side of the shore.

Since all of us are involved in this, we all felt overwhelmed now or then. We may felt like we don’t deserve to be in that situation, but all our confidence is sucked by the deep pain and the grief we have.

No matter how strong we are both mentally and physically. We need a good support in time of grief, a comforting conversation, a caring hand and innovative message.

Sometimes, they are with us and sometimes not. It is well and good we are out of stress with their support. What if! Are they not present?

This is the time to start an Auto bot mode. When we fill our mind with some commands, it runs the program backstage when we need it. For that, we need to program our mind in such a way that as soon as the stress arrives it turns on the Auto bot mode.

Am not a psychologist to suggest such ‘mind programming’ but when I was in trouble, I felt bad and depressed as like you do. There are no friends by my side to tip me out, no strengthening texts and all alone and down.

It was a pity, I suffered a lot during that time. My mind wandered for peace and struggled to make a room for it. Finally, it ended up with few pains (hypertension, irregular heartbeat, respiratory problems). Because I fought with myself and when ‘we Vs we’ the damage is done to us, only us because it is us, who taking blows from the opponent and by ourselves.

Then I decided to learn how to handle such stressful moments. I tried, but I failed. I tried next and next and repeated it as long as at least one principle work. ALAS! Finally, some do work. And they decreased my self-soothing shots.

What all I did is, I completely drowned myself in the problem instead of running away from it. I Auto bot my brain that to keep me inside the strength circle when completely down, I began to love the grief, found reasons, why all of us should rejoice in grief.


Realization – We have to realize that it is us who are facing the situation and it’s our sole responsibility to face it with all courage. Nobody is going to help us, whatever is needed to do, all must be done on our own. Unless we develop an Auto bot of fighting with the problems in our mind we can’t survive. All we have to do is, not to curse for the trouble we are in. It may be because of involvement of other person or maybe because of our own. We have to learn the step-by-step process. Write down the worst situations in which we are into now and try to realize the other side of the problem. And we know what to do after realizing there comes the actions to curb it.


Be happy to participate in a run through hard times, because it teaches us the lessons which we have to learn in our lives and it is not the things to feel depressed by thinking but we have to be happy because know that we are going to be some more perfect by those problems.


The best thing to maintain the confidence level during grief is not to compare with others. When we compare to other lives we may feel weak and with that, we have carried miles away from the confidence and finally, we become the victim. So, staying away from the comparison attitude is best.


Life is not always a walk on a flower mat.

We took birth in this vicious universe where both good and bad exist and the feud between the God’s good and devil’s evil is always there and we can’t be left away by that bad which is existed, but can be saved with good too. We are part of the earth so at one point or the other, we have to be exposed to bad. So never upset that you are alone all of us are even in this.

Try getting up every time you fall


Homo sapiens are the iconic creatures in the entire universe. They brought the revolution by paving through the ages of the dark. The knowledge we, the humans gained from centuries is incomparable to any precious things. And being a human, we need to fight through the bad times.

Nobody is taught how to hurt but how to let them out of the hurt


The health problems, the business problems, the family problems and all in all sort of problems are upon us. And it’s not easy as a person to face. We need a weapon since we cannot fight an armed with bare hands. Absolutely, we need a weapon and we must be armed too. Then why are we delaying to unleash the weapon hidden in us? The weapon is none other than us.

We got two choices with us,

either run away from the problem by giving up

or standing strong through the problem.

how to rejoice in grief

First is easy but it’s no honour. If we are in the first category then it means we are lazy and timid. One thing we need to develop in our mind that. Gifts gained without hard work worth nothing and represent our timid and laziness. We need to face the trouble with all the effort.

And the first thing running away is also involved in the second in times of need. Not always to fight, sometimes protecting ourselves and shielding is a necessity too. But adopting the first choice is not bearable at all times. Mostly to the people who are with a never giving up motto.

We are our weapons, build a resistance inside you and never give up. Because with this experience you are switching a new trigger to launch your other side, which is a self-blind chamber. Time to explore yourself and ride along.


Our lives must move on with a principle and it is imperfections to improvements

As long as we identify the reasons and keep the implementations to check the queue once and for all what are we imperfect in, then we can never let the sad (same)situation to repeat. But it is not a guarantee that they aren’t repeated if the conditions hate us like finance and health problems keep on occurring, but hereafter we do not fall as a victim since we can apply the principle of the past.

Finally, grief (sad) and pain are common to us because we are humans. Try to rejoice in them, because we are shaped by pain.

Some suffering will make us appreciate the good parts of our life and will make us even more grateful for what we have.





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