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Importance of Sleep in Our Daily Life

The importance of sleep in our daily life has a key role to play in the entire lifecycle. Sleep, the gift of every living being, it is the healer of pain and health restorer. A tool which will act as a refresh button to our brain. 

Sleep is a natural gift, and who has it to the fullest is considered as the happiest person in this world.

Sleep is the tasks which human body will perform as an act of taking rest and giving a break to the neurons and brain. It will relax the muscles and fix some minor issues internally without any medication.

What happens when we are in sleep?

When we are in sleep, we will lose control of our physical body and the mental structure inside us will get activated. During the sleep mode we will be away from the tasks which we can do physically, but mentally we are close to our goals and planning. 

The importance of sleep is known when we actually know what is happening during a sleep.

Our brain doesn’t completely rest during a sleep, it just relaxes and many of us will get dreams and when we are much tired and have no energy levels in us, then until the next morning we will be just sleeping.

What causes sleeping disorder?

During a sleep, the metabolism, respiration and the other biological process will be not disturbed, this proves that something is commanding and controlling them.

This is the master brain when we think much about anything, and if we are much more passionate about something, then the mind doesn’t accept the sleep mode and it restricts our relaxation process and thereby causing the sleeping disorders.

 A life full of tensions, a mental stress and over thinking will lead to the sleeping disorders, overall the world many people are suffering from lack of sleep. Adults and youngsters top the list.

What will happen if we don’t sleep?

Personally, I am also a person suffering from a sleeping disorder, and mine is too worse, I will keep on working until the clock beats 04:00 Am. This is injurious to my health and I am also a victim of hypertension and migraine pains.

I am very well aware of the side effects and the bad things that happen to me if I don’t sleep, but in most of the cases, I am just helpless.

The passion and the burning inside me are so strong and that makes me wild and run after the goals and chase them down.

This is wrong, and I am not ashamed to accept my mistake because I need to explain the importance of sleep in our daily life to those who are just beginning to think like me. It is a suicidal move, and please abandon the thought immediately if you are having one right now.

 ‘ Join the Sleep World, Preserve Your Rhythm to Enjoy Life’ this is the theme of World Sleep Day 2018.

Don’t ignore the sleeping disorder and importance of sleep

Sleep disorders are common, but it occurred regularly then we need to take an immediate action to prevent it from getting worst.

The confidence, or we may call it as overconfidence sometimes in us is that we will think that ‘a single night lack of sleep will not cost me anything’, but it is not true. It will affect our overall performance during the day.

We can’t be as active as our mates, we feel confident, but our mind needs rest, it demands it during the day and our dull looking face will not impress anyone either.

Importance of sleep - Prasanna Dasari

I went on working midnights to early mornings, writing and writing, I was in love with the peace at nights, that silence made me wake up and work.

Because that peace we hardly afford during the day, but the night is meant for a sleep, I lost my health slowly and began to spend my most of the time at the hospital. I made the doctor as a good friend.

This will happen to you too if you ignore the importance of sleep. Once if we ignore this, it will become a habit. We might cover up all that tiredness and pretend like we are normal, but that insomnia is going to cost us much in the future.

Unfortunately, it is too hard to admit that I am writing this post in the middle of the night. The good news is, am not that much sacrificing my sleep like I did in the past. In a week, am up for the late night a day or two, and the rest I will go to bed around 10:00 Pm.

The night is for sleep

God gave us a night to rest ourselves if there is no need for the night then why it should be there in the universe? If there is no requirement of sleep, why should we get tired after working long hours?

From this day, we are celebrating the sleep, we are going to celebrate the sleep together by spreading the awareness among the people who are sleep deprived.

 Like we have discussed earlier, there are many reasons for a person to experience a sleeping disorder, it may be due to personal problems, health issues, depression etc. whatever the reason might be, we should try to overcome it and give space to rest.

Don’t buy the sleep

 We cannot buy the sleep because we cannot buy it, it is free. The drugs cannot help us to sleep, they are the temporary triggers with way more trouble seekers in the future, we must not buy the sleep, we must own it for free and know the importance of sleep in our daily life. It is our right.

So, my humble request to you all is not to buy it. Do not use any medication or high dosage drugs to get into sleep, they are not going to help out.

Try different ways, do a book reading, try to listen to the pleasant lullaby kind of music, and then fall asleep. Nothing is impossible, just try and share your experiences with me.

Happy Sleeping.

Benefits of sleeping

  • Concentration and focus increases during the day
  • we can avoid stress and overcome it
  • No short temper
  • Our brain works faster and new ideas took birth in a short period of time
  • No health issues

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