international literacy day 2018
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International Literacy Day – Challenges We Face

International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on September 8, and this is powered by the UN. The main goal of the concept is to boost the government and education sectors to spread the literacy and increase its rate in the coming years.

There are still many countries around the world which are with a poor literacy rate. This issue can turn into a huge challenge in the coming years because we are going to be digitalized everywhere. The education must become the basic human right and there is also a need to provide the quality of education to each and every corner of the world

International Literacy Day Theme – ‘Literacy and Skills Development’

This year’s theme says it all, there is a need to be literate as well as to develop the skills we got. In an employment sector, the skills are going to honour us with the perfect matching job.

Many students who are graduates in our country are still unemployed due to lack of skills. And it is the drawback to the country since we are racing for the developed country.

international literacy day 2018

The dreams are left behind in-achieved and the challenges are increasing day to day.

The Challenges

There are many challenges we are facing in the current world when coming to the education part. The reasons are as follows

  • Those who are living in the villages in India still think that education is a friend of rich kids. Of course, this is a bit true back in the 1990s’ where the professional degrees are only possible to reach by the wealthiest families, but now it is available for all. We just need to spread the awareness and provide a good guidance
  • I have personally observed while carrying out a market survey for the skill development programs where we are given a task to train the students from the tribal areas. Even the government came forward to provide them all the facilities and requirements to employ them in various fields still they aren’t interested at all in participating in the programs.
  • The government instead of blindly focusing on the tribal areas, it is highly suggested to make the right of education for anyone come true. The reservation system must be cut down as it is also a big wall standing to climb to overcome the illiteracy rate.
  • Instead of sitting in the offices and passing the orders, it is hereby the duty of each officer from the educational sector to visit the low literacy rate areas and conduct campaigns which will allow the people there to accept the modern form of India. There is no untouchability these days, but if you go to the many villages in India, you will be shocked that it still exists.

These challenges can be taken down only with the help of the government. Unfortunately, we are unable to take the support of it due to the various reasons and corrupted people present in it.

Sustainable Development is Only Possible with Literacy and Skills:

Sustainable Development Goal 4 aims at the literacy and each and every young adult must acquire the minimum knowledge to work as an employee and those who are behind due to lack of skills they are said to be brought into the focus and are trained.

It is the responsibility of us to make our country run in the literacy rate. Because education is capable of changing lives and bringing the light back on the dark. Let us fight together against the illiteracy evil and spread the awareness of the education.

Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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