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Kerala Floods – Still Need Your Support

Kerala Floods shocked and shuttered our hearts when we came to know the situation there. Natural disasters will make life more miserable, it’s like a curse when we get involved in such epidemics. We all need to do something and play our role being a human.

I am really much surprised by the way the governments of various states are involving in securing the properties and lives when there occurs a major natural disaster. We have seen the worst Chennai floods and now comes the Kerala Floods.

The Fury  Of the Disaster: Kerala Floods

Kerala Floods is the worst in the recent days and they made many people homeless. Animals and people had died and there are now huge chances of spreading of the viral diseases through the infections.

We have experienced the pure humanity, many people came forward and did what they can do for the victims of Kerala Floods. They donated money, clothes, food, daily usage things, vegetables etc. It is really amazing to see when all together gather and help out each other in facing the brutality by nature.

As we all know that none of us can withstand the natural disasters. When they are out, they will mercilessly lash us all. And in these times, a human support and a supporting hand are definitely needed.

Raising Funds is Never an Easy Task

I have seen personally people in my city raising the funds for the relief campaigns at Kerala.

Well, in this generation it is not that easy to collect the amount for the Kerala Floods victims. Because there are many challenges if we ask for a hand to help out. They will cross-question us, and meaningless questions are there waiting for us to receive the answers from our end.

Many people still believe that the collected funds will not reach the victims, but they will go into the pockets of the mediators. We cannot completely say that this is false. Because there exists two kinds of people everywhere, the good guys and the bad guys.

We need to keep in our mind that there are the best things like rescuing and food supply are going well during the Kerala Floods, and if all the funds were misused there are the least chances to carry out all these operations.

Kerala Still Needs Our Support

Now that the floods are gone, and the restoration of the properties, power supply, roads, bridges etc. must be speeded up in order to rebuild the state.

Kerala Floods
BG PC: Independent

And since it has survived that brutal strike, it can be treated as the toughest and possess a high agility to stand and face the epidemics with courage. Humanity comes first.

Whoever either directly or indirectly helped out the Keralites to survive the Kerala Floods are here must be honoured. We are not going to present them all with medals, we salute each of them proudly saying that we are Indians, and we never back down or lose our courage in restoring the lives.

Contribute In Whatever Route Possible

This is not done yet, we did not leave Kerala alone even after the floods are gone. There are many things still which we need to correct. The rehabilitation of people who lost their homes and some lost their loved ones. It is time to hang on to the good deeds and fill the power back in the Kerala land.

The rains may have stopped, but we are not going to give up that simply on Kerala. This is historical epidemic which took many lives and done huge damage to the properties. It still takes some time to rehabilitate and restore everything.

This is only possible with our contributions. It doesn’t matter in which form you are going to contribute, but that contribution we made means a lot. If you are able to donate some amount, you can do it directly using online payments apps like Paytm. If you are good at praying, please do that much. Because anything you do, can save a life and it will provide the home to the needy.

You can donate still at your nearby NGOs or directly through the Paytm. And the faster we help the victims to rehabilitate the lesser will be widespread of the various diseases.

Humanity saves humanity.

If you would like to donate, head over to the Kerala Chief Minister Donation Portal

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