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10 Benefits of Laughter: World Laughter Day

Today is World Laughter Day, and there are many things I would like to share with you regarding this.

A customer went to a shopkeeper to buy a product, and the customer is in frustration because of some personal issue. When he stepped in, the shopkeeper invited him with a pretty smile on his face. That smile has a huge impact on the customer, and it has almost taken out the sad feeling in the customer’s heart.

Remember, the shopkeeper never spoke a word, he just smiled.

The same smile can be applied anywhere, in a personal life or a professional life. A simple two lips combination magic can change the scenarios entirely.

Everyone can shout and fight, but only few can smile and settle. Wars cannot have a place on earth if the generals practice how to smile.

An angry customer at the desk of a receptionist, an angry vendor at a vegetable market and an angry boss at the workplace. To handle all these personalities we don’t need to do a huge research on personality developments, we don’t even need to study Psychology. Just a smile, and it vanishes the anger.

World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year, it was first arranged by Dr Madan Kataria, on May 10, 1998, at Mumbai, India. Since then it is celebrated worldwide.

A smile is the only gift we have to ease the pain; it is the only emotion that has the capability to cast away any kind of sad feeling. A smile can heal the wounds of the heart, where medicines are useless.

If we are the kind of persons who will smile always, then we definitely live long. And that life we live will not only benefits us but to the others as well. Laughter is contagious, it spreads miles and miles rapidly with a perfect and pure joke.

The workplaces have become a huge container filled with stress and depression. Challenges are born every day and some tasks are not that easy to carry out. If we completely dip ourselves in the problem-solving therapy then the impact of the stress is directly seen on our face and it lowers our laughing mode.

Very rare situations in our lives allow us to laugh heart fully, the rest of the situations force us to deal seriously. Before we practice how to laugh in any situation, first let us see 10 benefits of laughter in our daily life.

  1. Long Life:

Long Life Prasanna Dasari

Laughing increases our lifespan, know why? It reduces the over thinking and allows us to calm down and feel the joy.

  1. Casts Away Depression:

Depressed people cannot dwell in the crowd, they would like to isolate themselves and think about the same thing and cause repeatedly. If the depressed people take a second to laugh heart fully and if they dare to beat the depression by the happiness, then it is truly applicable.

Depression is a state where it forces a person to stay away from the society and they will be unplugged from all the regular activities. To restore the normal state in them, laughing is the best treatment. Never leave anyone who is in such state and try to bring the smile to their faces.

Depression Prasanna Dasari

Do not use some serious jokes like making fun of others, but try to create a laughing atmosphere and drag them out. Trust me, this will definitely work out.

  1. Good Communication:

We need communication everywhere, we cannot just be called as humans if we cannot communicate. A smile is the best strategy to attract others. And it will portray your personality as cool and amazing. If you are into business, and if you have a face of constant sadness and anguish. Am pretty sure that you are going to experience a bankrupt or taste a loss soon.


A smile is the symbol of communication if you would like to communicate, then smile and spread it.

  1. Relaxation:

Laughter is the best tool to relax your muscles. When you laugh daily for few minutes, then your mood will freshen up and then you are all set like you are in the morning time. So, take a break and smile all the way.

Relaxation Prasanna Dasari

A good laugh is sunshine in the house. — William Thackeray

  1. Healthy Heart:

Heart diseases are common nowadays, the heart surgeons are increasing and many courses have been added to the medical field for the heart specialists and cardiologists.

Healthy Heart Prasanna Dasari

We are fighting with all these days, our race is in a fight. Prevention is better than cure, so prevent such heart diseases by laughing. The heart will be healthy if you allow it some time to play in its own way, if you allow it to feel lighter and happier, then your heart will support you and keeps you healthy.

A healthy diet alone cannot keep you fit, a heart full smile is necessary.

  1. Equals to an Exercise:

We have seen many guys who are constantly worrying about burning themselves, I mean the fat. They will talk about the workouts and latest tips which are out in the social media.

Exercise Prasanna Dasari

If you would like to burn 40 Calories by not even moving your finger? Then try this laughing . 10 to 15 minutes laugh can burn the calories.

  1. Turns You into a Lovable Person:

When compared to those who always keep a sad face and who always exhibits that they are serious at work and busy, those who always smile and pop up a joke in every small talk. Who do you think will have more friends?

Lovable Person Prasanna Dasari

Well, we all know the answer is the second category. Because nobody would like to interact with a person who is work minded. He can only be considered as a colleague, but never as a friend.

Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand. — Mark Twain

One who takes his time to spread the smile and make others to smile in any situation is the heart stealer.

Try to apply this laughing therapy at your office/college; you will realize the next second how you had taken a major decision which will turn your lifestyle completely.

  1. One of the Leadership Quality:

Smiling is not limited to the babies alone, it can be used to deal with the most critical situations.

If you ever think about how to become a leader? Or what is the best thing leaders are good at? The answer is a smile. Most successful leaders are good at smiling. They will convince their team with the lips magic and they will win hearts and take control of the minds by the laughing therapy.

  1. Motivation and Inspirational:

If you are teaching someone a topic which they never heard about, you really need loads of patience. Because the listener is a complete amateur regarding the topic because he/she is a newbie.

Inspiration Prasanna Dasari

Let us consider an example. If you are going to teach how to operate the android mobile phone to someone who never even used a phone before. How much patience do you need?

I guess by now it is very clear to you what I am trying to say here, not only for a teacher but each and every one of us has to take the position of a teacher in our life’s journey. If you want to motivate or inspire others and if you want others to listen with all the attention, then smile all the way. It will do a 50% job for you. The rest is in your hands.

  1. Social Service:

Yes, you read it correctly, social service.  Without being a part in any NGO, how can you do a social service? Your all doubts get answers today. Just smile and spread the awareness about the benefits and the importance of a smile.

Share the moments which will bring the smile on the faces of the people who are in sadness. It is indeed a social service.

Social Service Prasanna Dasari

There are many troubles in our daily lives, fights which will ruin the relationships, which will forever set apart the persons. Wars for the properties and murderers. All these are countless on our earth, but all these can be changed. Not completely, but we can at least bring the change with the laughter.

This is a benefit to us and others as well, we are not investing anything in this. The profit is astonishing and powerful. Let us smile naturally, let us practice on how to smile in any situation. A forcible smile or laughter is not a natural one, it has no power, just like an empty shell.

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. — Lord Byron

Keep aside all of your tensions for a moment and laugh as loud as you can.

Happy Laughter Day to all of you.



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