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Love Is In The Air – A Note To Honey

When there is love in the air, then there comes the joy of living and the scent of it will make us fly and fly. When love is in the air, the atmosphere turns into a playground and there will be the times when we are just lost in the thoughts of the loved ones.

Why am I talking about love? Is it now really in the air? Yes, because my Honey going to celebrate her birthday today. This day is blessed. That God made a creation with which his love is widespread.

He made the love to be present around me and he gave a human form, that is you my dear honey. If you are reading this, definitely the smile will be around your lips and that makes me jump out in joy.

My plans for your birthday are many, but only a few will be executed successfully because all the time I have been thinking about how to make you feel more secured and more cheerful than the previous year.

When love is in the air, I am completely lost in it. On this very special occasion, I am back to the goal of my life, writing blogs. It’s been years I am in the writing arena and I feel so amazed how my fingers grab on to the letters and make things go smoothest and lovely. It is all because of the special person in my life and she is the reason why I am being so proud of my gifted life to live on this earth.

Nothing can be compared to her love and she is the perfect God gift. I am exploring the inner feelings and emotions which are burying deep inside me since ages. And this is the right time to let them express and explode.

On this special day of yours,’ I have nothing left to say than to show. I will make you feel like an angel, like you are only made for me. The divine love is in the air.

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Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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