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If You Are in Love Avoid These Things

Today we are going to discuss about the Top Five Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Are In Love.

You name anything, either falling in love or just going to propose a girl next time. Here are the few real tips you should follow to avoid the fight/misunderstanding, or probably a breakup.

First things first, I was once a regular blogger who posted many posts, but in these days am into the teaching field and am spending loads of time in educating the students via a program held by the government.

My rank may fall down, but my love for the blogging will be everlasting. I won’t stop my writing and am completely filled with the love for it. Well, let’s close this explanation and am coming to our today’s topic.

Lovers are like unstable beings, they will stay together for a moment and in the next moment, they will start fighting. Almost all the couples are same, very few are much affectionate and are with complete understanding or a commitment.

Am here today, to help you out from allowing a stone to hit your heart.

You need to avoid the five things discussed here and it is like a guide for a better relationship. This isn’t any random post, but my present real-life situation is linked with this, so this is not any fiction, but real. You may count in as a reality.

One more thing is this is applicable to both the genders and you don’t need to close the page if you are a girl/boy.

So guys, if you are in love, your partner needs your time. Giving your time is the most important thing. So let’s start with the time.

Do not use words like ‘Busy’, ‘I will call you later’, ‘Bye for now’.

Maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend is the most patient person on earth, and even if he/she ready to accept any shit you say, but please for the good sake, DO NOT use the words like above. Just say anything, but not these. If you have used it anywhere, better to fix them. These words are toxic to the relationship, if you are really busy, then find an alternative word.

This doesn’t mean am encouraging you to lie. Just find another substitute.

Do not dwell on the past.

Every one of us as humans had a bitter past, which we wouldn’t want to recollect it at any cost. If your partner has had anything that which he/she would like to come over with, then just don’t dig the past. If you want to earn that trust and make your relationship more colourful. Then just don’t use digging the past as a weapon to gain on your partner. This will definitely spoil the opinion and results in a hurt/fight.

Do not involve the family members.

This is the major mistake and a common one made by almost every couple. They will drag their partner’s family members and quote them and compare them, this is simply the biggest blunder ever made. If you are not agreeing on anything or just fighting on anything, just be it between your two. Don’t drag the family members in and compare them to the current situation. This isn’t going to solve the problem.

Do not make false claims.

Don’t be a too much, just be a little. If you make claims and sound trumpet announcements with the person you are in love with, then you had stepped into a big mire. Never promise things which you couldn’t even attain or approach to them. Stick with those which are within your reach.


Each person will have their own values set. If we make them to cross or override them, then they will get hurt. Understand your partners values and respect them without a miss in all the situations.

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Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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