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Gmail is our oldest companion and the most used tool for the mails by all of us. Meet the new Gmail here with the most attractive changes in its interface and features.

Most of the companies and individuals are using Gmail to send their most confidential information through emails.

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Documents, images, sheets and various files are shared across the accounts through the attachments in the mail. The Google has finally changed the appearance of the Gmail finally and it is here.

gmail Prasanna Dasari

If you are a regular user of Gmail and you can’t stay a single day away from sending and receiving the emails. Then this latest update to the Gmail will blow your mind.

Its interface is highly attractive with a number of features added to it.



When we open the Gmail, we have an option to try the new Gmail. All you need to do is ready to single click and feel the amazing experience. Go to your settings, i.e. click on the gear icon on the right top hand corner and click the try the new Gmail.

Gmail Prasanna Dasari


Then within seconds, you will be landed on to the new Gmail design and the modified features are accessible by you.

Gmail Prasanna Dasari

There are not many changes made to the Gmail, as the categories remain the same and the themes remain the same. Few design changes and the right sidebar is modified.


The icons got their rounded view, all the icons include the attachments and compose got the rounded view. And compose button is now with the logo than the standard red coloured compose.

You can now say goodbye to the old Gmail home interface where it starts saying loading Gmail. The new one is a bit attractive as it pop-ups with the black and white mail logo and then fills the red colour, then the horizontal loading line.

You have the Google’s most used notes taking products like keep, Calendar and Tasks at the right-hand sidebar. You can access them with a single click.

Gmail Prasanna Dasari

We can now access the G suite Marketplace by clicking on the Add-ons section in the settings.

When you click on the menu tab, the three lines on the left side, it will hide all the name labels like contacts from hangouts and compose logo. When you hover over it, you can view them again.


You can access all your emails and the attachments in your mail even without the internet. And both the classic Gmail users and the latest users can make use of this feature.

To use this offline synchronization just click on the settings then go to the offline tab. If you click on the enable offline mode, then it will ask you about the requirements.

Gmail Prasanna Dasari

Internet connection is needed to for the backup process once though.

You need to select the sync messages 7 days or 20 days prior and we will have complete control over the attachments downloads in the offline mode.

Gmail Prasanna Dasari

If you do not want to preserve the data on the computer after you logged out, you can do that too.



When your email is flooded with emails and if you miss responding to anyone then the Gmail will remind you about the missed emails and reply them. This is the AI-powered functionality and it will roll out in 3 days according to the G Suite updates.


If you would like to switch back to the old classic version of the Gmail, well it is easy too. Click on the settings and go back to classic Gmail, it’s that simple.

Gmail Prasanna Dasari

This new feature is not a mandatory one, you can either prefer the new one or the classic one based on your interest.

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