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Mother ‘s Day – The Symbol of Unconditional Love is Mother

Mother’s Day is the day which is symbolized as to honour the mother’s across the globe. It is that motherly love that united the humans together and the sole reason for the existence.

The creation rejoices in the womb of the mother, and this opportunity is only provided to a woman, but a man isn’t that much focused on the creation’s love. Because the mother is the source of invention.

It is all about the love and sacrifice, a mother can do anything for her children. She will take risks for protecting them from all kinds of bad on this earth.

She will rejoice by looking at her children and she feels proud when they achieve something in their lives and she mourns if they got hurt.

No matter what how the society portrays her children, whether good or bad, her love never fades away. It just doesn’t change. Because it is the blood of the blood, and she sacrifices her all pleasures to see that smile on the faces of her children.

Giving gifts alone cannot make a mother happy. And on mother’s day, we can gift our mother costliest gift ever, but that materialistic thing doesn’t make her happy. Am not saying that gifts are bad, but we need to add something else to it.

We are witnessing many sons and daughters who are abandoning their old mothers when they are settled well in their life.

They forcibly push them out of the houses and join the old parents in the old age homes and they care nothing about their feelings and emotions.

mothers day

This filthy society is filled with the greediness and hungry for wealth and popularity. Nobody cares them outside, they undergo mental torture outside of the home and inside too.

We are witnessing the youth who are disrespecting the elder ones in the society with their vulgarity. Because they are the weaker sections and cannot fight back. Am not talking about those who are helping hands, this is about those people who cause pain to their own mother.

What can we do on this mother’s day is to take an oath that whatever happens, we must never leave the hand of our mothers?

Not mother alone, we need to do the same with the fathers too. They are one, not separated.

We need to share the equal amount of love with both of them.


The moment we step in this world we first see our mother’s face and that moment is really awesome. As a just born child, we don’t know anything, no feeling of happiness or sad, but we took the birth and brought into this world.

A mother will feel much happy that her kid is now born and she shares this moment with everyone and she cherishes in that as long as she lives.

 Mother is our first mentor, she has multiple duties to do. As a wife, as a sister, as a mother, she has to share lots of love with everyone in her life. That is really a blessing. We all love our moms because we learn how to live by seeing her, how to handle the stress and all other things.

 Today am here to share few lines about my mom. Who is my greatest inspiration of all time? No matter how much I write about her, I still will have a feeling that I just wrote an introduction. That much I love her.

  There might me millions of moments I had with her during my childhood, sometimes I view them as they were in my dreams. I get hurt when I behaved much foolishly with her, fighting over issues which are not even meaningful ones.

I know she is strong enough to keep me safe from any kind of evil, she did protect me many times. I cannot repay her because that is her love towards me, unconditional and priceless.

My childhood is almost spent with my mom, Dad went out to work and sister to school. Being the youngest child in my family I have loads of love and much of benefits. I admit my craziness here, I was crazy about toys in those days, I got whatever I wished, indeed I forced my parents in purchasing. In some cases, I used my mom’s recommendation in getting what I wished for.

She is there, always saving me from that bullying from the senior guys, she still does the same. Sometimes I feel like saying that, ‘It’s okay mom! Am grown up now and I can handle all by myself’, but my heart prevents me from uttering it. Because I feel secure and safe under her wings. Maybe am grown up and knows how to react, but am still her child who had complained about anything and everything.

  Speaking about the mother’s love, I can say that I didn’t witness all of it. Since my mom is sick always and dad had to rush her to a hospital every time. When am 10 years old, she got the high fever and bed-ridden for three months. Then I felt like my connection with her has lost and I couldn’t make it to visit her in the care unit.

  I took all the pain, shared it with my dad and sister. They did not allow me to go to a hospital because it was serious fever, and I may get scared by seeing my mom in that state.

  Those were the most brutal days in my life, I was really in pain. My mom has sacrificed everything for me and I was like just a selfish child.

Coming to the tasty dishes, my mom is a chef, yeah, I can call her a chef even though she didn’t take any degree in hotel management, she cooked delicious dishes and she taught the same to my sister.

  She taught me all the moral values and made me what I am today, that credit completely goes to her.

  My relationship with my mom is always an amazing one, I learned how to live and how to behave and all the respect from her, she followed the good path and made me follow the same. Am lucky to have her. She shaped me from the shapeless path of living and impacted me in a good way.

  She is old and weak now, she may not cook those all delicious dishes again, but still, I love her. She is weak now and cannot do her own work, well that doesn’t matter at all, we are still there to assist her and make her comfortable.

  I know she will forgive me for whatever wrong I did and all those foolish actions. Because she is my mom, she will never let me down.


Today is mother’s day, everyone is gifting their moms the things with love and its really nice to watch how much they love their mothers. They are providing all the materialistic items, am not saying it’s a wrong, it’s wonderful. But what actually a mother needs and expects from her children? Does the children meeting those expectations?

Before we answer to the above two questions, let’s see how motherhood is  divine.

When a child is born, world feels happy and they celebrate. Father feels proud that he got someone to carry the legacy. In the mother’s mind, it begins a battle. A battle of love, but not hatred. She now has a new responsibility for the child, she now has to balance the love for her husband and the child.

Parenting starts with the moms, they handle their children with lot of care. Multitasking skills are more likely to be with the women, when they become mothers, it is seen in the action.

Being a mother means taking all the responsibility and moving on with a strategy in raising the child. She knows very well that her children are the replica of her, they represent the entire family when they’re grown ups. She knows exactly how to guide and motivate them and shape them. She will do this in her entire life irrespective of her children age.

Mothers love isn’t compared to any of the other earthly love. It’s unique and it’s very special. In mothers love there are no restrictions, whether the mother is a poor or rich, celebrity or a common person, her love will be the same.

This love is divine and that patience is not mastered by anyone.

Mothers love has no species difference. Animals even the most cruel form of beasts express the same amount of love, birds and other animals. So, motherhood is the symbol of love.

When we need to draw a symbol of love, within 2 seconds we draw a heart symbol, but I think it’s the picture of a mother with her child and pampering the child is the true symbol of love.

When we continue the topic to stay on love, that love is too deep, it’s attachments are long. Not a day right can explain it.

For any woman, motherhood is the next level, she needs a lot of time to manage all things. When we talk about a typical Indian girl it’s always the hard work.





Not any gifts we offer her, she needs that love. She sacrificed her nights to keep you safe and sound sleep, she sacrificed her tastes and likes for us, she sacrificed her everything for our sake to make us happy.

We have no substitute for that love & sacrifice. All we can do is to love her, there left nothing to sacrifice for her because she is the one who paid it all.

The role of a mother is divine, with the involvement of God only that motherhood is praised. Mothers has a very special place in all our lives, are we making them happy?

When we are kids, we cried for toys and she bought us by passing it to father. When we cry today, she will give her life to us. That love isn’t changing, neither increasing nor decreasing. It’s constant, if I may say it has increased more.

On this mother’s day, we can make our moms happy with our actions.

mothers day

If she is praying for a change in us, let’s change and gift her. If she is expecting a development in our lives, let’s develop and gift her. If she wish to see us on top, let’s get to the top and gift her.

Let’s do this, whatever it takes. Because she is the only person who is the reason and meaning to our lives.

There are also few among us, who has lost their moms and staying away from celebrating the mother’s day. My dear friends, if you avoid this the comfort you get here is a temporary. If you cry, wipe your tears and work to achieve the dreams of your mom, that happiness is heart full one. Fulfill her dreams and gift her, somewhere she is there, still watching you and caring for you.

If you cry, she cries. If you rejoice, she rejoices. If you are depressed and feeling abandoned, she is right there beside you to pat your back and say ‘my child am still with you’.

Think once, what’s this death to separate mother from a child? Her love is unconditional, it can beat the death and come to you to see you again.

Let’s gift her that happiness.

Mother always defends her child, but if she punishes it’s for good. If she supports you even after a bad deed, the child chooses that path considering it as a good one. If mom punishes, it means the child need to turn away from the bad.


In the current generation, after getting married many couples work together to earn both hands. They say they don’t find enough time to meet their parents and talk to them. Few will provide them money and few won’t.

What I personally saw is keeping their parents in the old age homes. How can this be justified?

Elders, they are lacking respect in the society because the youngsters think that they are outdated and waste of time. If they aren’t there, am sure the world will be a place of bad mess.

When parents are elders, it’s the responsibility of a son/daughter to look after them and talk to them. No explanations and reasons to escape, because when you were a kid, if they left you all alone, would you be the one who you are now?

My dream is big, my dream, your dream and all our dream is huge. It is to see no old age homes filled with those elders who has family and children. Nowadays orphanages also filled with these elders who has children too. Isn’t this the thing to be sorted out!

They may give them money and gifts, but are these what they needed from their children? For a wife they are abandoning parents. For a husband they are leaving them behind, when will this be done?

Why can’t they treat both the family as one?

Lot of questions we are looking forward to hearing from those elders. Many answers are still unanswered, question marks on their faces are still there.

What’s the virtual gift here? It’s the love & caring only.

To all my dear readers and fellow bloggers, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. If you are a mother, I salute you, if you are a child, I request you to make your mom happy.


Every person needs a mentor at different stages in his/her life and the beginning stage is the childhood. From the moment we took birth from mother’s womb we learn many things with the help and guidance of our mom. No matter what how much nuisance we cause, she bears it all with patience.

She always keeps us safe, behind the curtain and save us from any dangers, she is so concerned about us. That loving and caring and guiding can only be done by a mother, God gave that credibility to her because she handles it very well than anyone.

She makes you always a hero and never let you feel inferior ,she teaches the life and she shows us how to deal with the toughest situations . Almost 60% of the qualities we adopt in our lives are due to her influence on us, she wants us to be good and gain good name in the society.

mothers day

Here mother is the one who shapes her child to help the country and offer his service to the society. That is a greatest duty which cannot be compared to and doesn’t  equals any post .

50% of our childhood is spent with mother and we learn to action,to speak to move all because of her.

I had greatest and epic memories with my mom, in some situations I felt like that I only have all the love on earth because of her. She never said a ‘NO’ to any of my wish which is useful to me.

She do punished me occasionally, then I thought of her rudeness and felt bad . Because as a child I couldn’t understand what is good and bad. But now I can differentiate them and understands why she prevented me in doing so.

One midday while watching TV I saw a colored plate in an advertisement and cried for it. I kept my food aside and said to mom that I only eat when she give me a plate that which I saw in the ad.

That is a crazy wish ,but she went to the store by locking the doors and leaving me in the hall and returned in minutes with the plate in her hand which looked similar to that in the ad. How great my Mom is! I shouted in joy and hugged her,she kissed me back.

Like this I had many wishes,like for a windmill and a gun, a girl who danced in a beautiful red frock in a circus etc. I told her all my wishes and she brought me which she could and tried to explain me about those which she couldn’t.

She selected my dresses and even now she managed my wardrobe, she stands with me in time of grief and comforts me.

Now she is in her 60s and she got an imbalanced mental health and other health problems. Despite of all those, the love she got is same as before .Her health condition is down but the love for me is still healthy as she were in her young. This is all what I got, the sweetest memories .

Some are remembered by her and some not, when I am with her I can visualize all those scenes with her during my childhood . Still she supports me the same ,keeps me safe and cry for me. That caring and safety feeling I got from her is my strength,all those prayer she did,all those tears she shed for my sake ,all those sacrifices she made for me is memorable, they are worthy to be praised.

Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope out lives them all – Oliver Wendell Holmes


Celebrating Mother’s day is not the ultimate destination. We need to understand, love and make our mothers happy. If she sheds tears, then we need to find the reason and eliminate it.

Mother is the our true friend and a good and first teacher. To respect her is the  ultimate goal.

Make her happy, feel her so special about you being her son/daughter.

Mother is the gift from the God, a direct gift and a lovable being.

Respect her, keep her mentally strong.

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