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Pradeep Pellichoopulu – How Good Is The Concept

Reality Shows are making a big change in the television industry and till date there are many came and gone. This one which is the latest in Star Maa Pradeep Pellichoopulu is making its turns in the industry.

The show being a reality one, it is still a mystery that will the leading anchor in the telugu silver screen industry will definitely marry the contestant from the 14 girls. Will he marry the one who will emerge as a winner or is there any suspense contestant behind the screen is unknown.

How Good Is The Show?

The show began the same night after the conclusion of the time killer, Big boss 2 which was hosted by Nani. And coming to the goodness of the show Pradeep Pellichoopulu, there are few glitches.

It may be a good show, which reminds us like the swayamvaram, where the concept actual birth place.

Now, I really wonder and worry about the mental state of the 14 girls who are here in the show making a honest proposal to a guy. And do they don’t feel hurt by doing this? And how will the girl will manage to propose/accept the propose of another guy?

If the 1 girl is lucky and talented enough to be a wife of Mr. Pradeep Machiraju by winning in the Pradeep Pellichoopulu, how about the rest 13?

Does It Sound Fair?

My question to the concept is, is it fair to bring all the 14 girls on to the show and hurting them? Well, it may be because they are ready and their parents accepted this dare move to enter a contest where their daughter will get married to a famous guy like Pradeep if she is lucky enough.

And do you really think that they are with a cool mind will walk away that simple after getting rejected.

This kind of shows are kind of hurting, and many girls outside who are watching might not support this. As a girl, they have some values and they need to do this internally, but on the stage shows which will be aired like Pradeep Pellichoopulu.

pradeep pellichoopulu on maa tv - prasanna dasari

Time Killers Or Time Wasters?

Star Maa is one of the famous channel for the entertainment shows, even my family do watch it. And if one person who would like to learn something, here I mean being a productive knowledge gaining kind, here how will the viewer get satisfied with the Pradeep Pellichoopulu show?

It is a complete meaningless watching all of them racing after a single guy by showing off their talents. However, I really appreciate the dare move by the girls and their parents. But, there is a limit for everything.

Shows like this will be recorded in the history as time wasters and now-a-days everyone want to learn something new and would like to become successful in their lives. In that case, there are still few viewer who can just turn on the TV and watch everything which is played. But, these viewers are the returning viewers, they watch it even when there is nothing productive.

Think Before Making Such Shows

The industry must think thrice or more before they are making any shows. Because the shows which are like Pradeep Pellichoopulu will only be there as a time pass, but not a knowledge base. And not every section of people in the society are going to love this show. Literally there is nothing that a student/an employee can learn from the Pradeep Pellichoopulu, of course it will make their time fly, but not any use.

There are also few people who will think like I do, I am being a critic here because this show it feels like an emotional hurt kind of play. Next time I request the board to please re-check into the concept.

The show must steal hearts of all the people who are genuine viewers, it must not break the hearts of the other sections.

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