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PUBG Mobile - Prasanna Dasari

How To Avoid The Addiction Of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the game which is interesting to play and it is an online game. With the latest and advanced Android devices out there in the market in the budget prices, now it is an easy access for anyone to download and play the high-end games like PUBG Mobile.

It is the PC game and hit the Android and IOS too. Back then, there were reportedly many glitches reported by the Indian PUBG Mobile players, not on the PC. It is because of unstable internet connections and the low configurations of the devices.

Increased Downloads

PUBG Mobile has 50M+ downloads while making this post and it has a good eye catchy rating too from the players around the globe. It is an Internet-enabled game and a high end one too. Playing it is really an incredible experience with the reality next to us.

Those who like the shooting and action games, well PUBG Mobile can meet their ends.

PUBG Mobile - Prasanna Dasari

Addictive & Time Killer

PUBG Mobile is indeed an addictive game, it is not comparable to GTA 5, but it got the huge line up of fans too. The concept is simple, you will dive from a plane and then you are left all alone in the Battleground where you need to fetch your own gear and weapons. Nothing is hard here, you aim, shoot at the enemy with precision and you will win.

Since the game is addictive and more interesting it will make us stick to it for hours and hours. And this is where many players complain of issues. And there are also fans who would like to find a way out to get rid of the game because it is too much addictive.

Beat The Addiction

To beat the addiction all you need to do is to identify the severity of the addiction level you are in. You may question me why I am here and how can I help you? The answer to the question will be so straight that I am the victim to the PUBG Mobile addiction too. And I was in the initial stage and I had escaped it without any huge efforts.

Before we discuss how to avoid playing the game, there are few things to keep in our mind before installing this game.

  • The game is an online one, you need to connect to its servers all the time if you want to play it. Hence there is a risk of your device getting to the service centre quickly. If the processor is not that much speed, the device may get much slower in its earlier days
  • For many people who are the PUBG Mobile fans, reportedly noticed that even if they are on a 4G LTE connection, still the game lags.
  • This game initial installation is around 1.2 GB and the update it will ask is 30 MB.
  • The mobile gets heated definitely if you play the game continuously for 30 minutes, this is due to the consumption of the power from the processor, a continuous network band i.e the internet connection is active all the time and the touch on the screen is restless one.
  • The battery, if you have a basic battery on your device and you decided to play the PUBG Mobile, then the battery drains out fastly and there is no satisfaction of playing the game.

Keeping all these things in mind, if you play the game, you will be kept playing it until 3 hours non-stop because it is the addictive game.

Steps To Getting Rid Of The Addiction

Realize that if you play this game, your mobile is going to meet its end sooner than you think.

And all of your valuable time is consumed with this game, hunting for nothing, looting the virtual loot doesn’t sound good in this world. You can be more creative and find inspiration by just taking a walk on to the street or sitting at home and researching on a topic.

You can nurture the skills you got to improvise them better than before than wasting your time playing the game. Not only the PUBG Mobile, any game if that is costing you much time, better to avoid it at any cost.

Playing the game can also lead to the sleepless nights, you will be attracted to the game mostly when you are about to go to bed. And once if we open the game, then we will hunt for that ‘ winner winner chicken dinner’

PUBG Mobile - Prasanna Dasari

‘This time I try not being dead, this time I will win’ and that time it won’t come to you in just an hour of play. So it will literally kill all your good nights sleep. Which may later results in serious health issues.

To avoid these games, you need to know that life is more important than gaming, and of course, gaming is necessary too as a part of our entertainment, but if you are trying to be more productive in whatever you are doing right now. Then spending really a less time in a day/night for gaming is suggested.

I am not an ex-gaming guy, I am addicted once too and that cost me two to three years of serious illness, depression and lack of peace. Without our notice, these games will lead us to the war with our own life. So, I won’t be giving you any particular alternative for the game, you should figure that out and find the best way to improvise the life.


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