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Ten Reasons To Play PUBG Mobile

PUBG, the game that has changed the mobile gamer mindsets.  Gone are the days when people keep on dreaming about an intensive game that can change the entire concept of mobile gaming. Here we have the best of all time. The game that will make anyone stick to it by the addition of it.

Since it hit the mobile gaming platform it attracted many users and within a short period of time, it stole many hearts.

I have discussed in my this post about why one should not play this game. Today I am here with a counter-concept, top ten reasons why you should play PUBG.

PUBG – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a game where players can join all around the globe and can play together. It has many things in it. A shooting arcade game which will allow us either to purchase the pass in it for the particular season know as Royal Pass or even we can continue with the basic free version of the game.

Now let us see the top ten reasons why you should play PUBG

It is addictive

The first concept needs no further explanation as the game is addictive. The concept of the game is built in that way it will steal our hearts within a few minutes of play. It is realistic. And no other game on mobile has this much of fame playing online.

It increases your focus

Whoever play the games like PUBG will have a gift of perfect focus. As the game involves fetching and so on, it will allow us to hunt with our eyes easily. You can apply this to your real lives too.

Never Bored

If you see the other games, like those which you are playing right now. Am not saying that you should give up on playing them, you can still take all the amazement from them, but a game like PUBG will provide you an option where you can go endless. The arena is highly equipped with the brilliant featured weapons and they keep on updating. Bored? Not at all.

PUBG - Mobile - Prasanna Dasari

Buddies and Buddies

Whenever you are a bit feeling alone and finding someone who can play along with you inside your favorite game, it was impossible in most of the games. But,  PUBG Mobile will provide you here an option to run with your friend or your loved one and kill all the enemies together. Between don’t get much excited as it will cost you much in the game.

Dream World

When we were small kids, we always dreamed about PUBG Mobile kind of gameplay, aren’t we? We played Contra, Mario and those are the classic rockers. And in this modern world, I say PUBG going to be discussed with all these epic games in the future. This will be the legendary game on mobiles.

You have to change that phone for PUBG

Personally, I was using a phone with 2GB RAM and its processor was also too slow, the idea of playing PUBG has forced me to purchase a new phone which allowed me to experience a seamless gaming.

A perfect time killer

You don’t need to worried how to plan your holidays, by having PUBG Mobile installed on our devices, we can make the most of the time by playing this. And when coming to the addiction. There is no game that has less addiction, managing it and adjusting the regular activities and balancing the time is all that we have to do.

PUBG – NO Abuses

Unlike other social games where I saw and had a personal experience of abusing people and not treating all the same. PUBG Mobile is the best game as it treats all its players as one. There will be a nice option to report such abuses and block them.

Develops Togetherness

When we are playing on different serves like Asia, South America etc. we will come across many people who can later become our good mates. The idea of togetherness is nurtured here.

An Endless Fun

Fun is free here, if you don’t want to spend a single penny on this, then no worries, you are not out of the game. Because all the players are treated equally in this game. There will be no difference between a Royal Pass high-end player to the other general players who are playing for free.

With this PUBG Mobile has become the best, and the most loved game.

Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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