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Why You Should Never Stop Reading Books

Reading books is not a duty to complete, but it is a passion with a never-ending list. Once if you fall in love with the book reading it will make you grab a new copy each month. This is not a bad habit so that we need to take an action.

In these recent days, I have been watching the videos from the famous Vloggers on YouTube keep on saying the word, stop reading the books and find a life. Well, I cannot mention any names here as I am not going to discuss them for now. To all such persons out there, who are thinking or living in a dilemma that reading books are a waste of time. Well, that is how we readers waste our time to save it while we are in the action and in troubles.

My observations related to the book lovers has come to a conclusion that those who read books, they are treated like an alien among humans and they don’t have the good number of friends. This statement is made by the various real-life observations and also my personal experience.

That makes sense, because those who are reading books constantly, they would like to share some part of it which is inspirational with others when there comes an appropriate situation while discussing. If you do that, you will be losing your friends too soon.

Why Do People Hate Reading Books?

It is their personal opinion and they have the complete rights over their choices they make any decisions they take. But, if we talk about why do some people hate it to the core when they are brought in to a topic like reading books.

Let me make a thing clear for you, there are many reasons why people hate reading a book.

  • It may be because of the past experiences he/she had while reading a book
  • May be they feel it as a time waste because all the books at some point are pointless and they draw to the confusion
  • They may be too much occupied in their lives
  • Few persons may be fully equipped with tons of knowledge in their brains and carrying them in their knees wherever they head to.
  • Because they are writers

The reason might be anything from the above or anything from anywhere. The only thing is reading books is not a common person daily routine. And if everyone is extraordinary, then on the planet there will be books everywhere.

Book reading is an art and it is not associated with everyone.

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Books Will Talk to You When You Seek For an Answer

When I was in the teaching field, I questioned many of the students whether there is anyone who would love to read a book. The response I had received was no wonder, among the entire group, only two or three guys are interested. And whenever I start explaining the importance of the book reading, they start creating the noise.

They are doing this because they don’t know the value of a book because they have friends. They don’t have time to spend on a page because they are busy. That’s fine because life has to move on no matter what. How about those students who hardly find the time to speak with their friends? those students who are sick and ill at home and have to spend their maximum amount of time on the hospital beds? those students who are constantly bullied by the juniors and seniors?

To all of them, the best mate in times of trouble is a book. You pick any one person who is suffering from the above symptoms and try to peek into his/her back. Definitely, there will be a book.

My point is, books are the closest friends who would love to seek the knowledge, but not playing with it. You can start a book today just for a time pass and leave it another day. But, those who are in need of the answers, they can’t go a day without at least reading a few lines. Because the books have all the comforting and calm words when you are in a hurry or a stress.

How to Start Reading Books?

If you are willing to start your book reading journey, then you need to make a commitment to yourself that you will dedicate a few minutes in your day to read a page or a few lines. This is the first thing because our brain needs to get used to the habit when we are doing something repeatedly.

If there is a break then the entire chain structure will collapse and you need to start from the scratch.

If you are completely new to the book reading family then there are few points to remember. This habit is going to be a part of your life until the end and it has many productive things waiting just for you.

Never Do It because Someone is Doing it

If you are attracted to the reading books because of some of the persons are motivating you and inspiring you, and if you don’t have the passion to read, but still if you manage to read the books which are said to be a game changers and life changes, the results you will get in the end are not that much effective. Because you did it only because you are attracted to it, not with a passion.

We need to check ourselves before reading a book. Whether we are going to continue till the end or are we giving up on it in the middle.

Remember the new things which we will begin are filled with much excitement, and we feel like we are rocking it, but it is just the temporary start-up feeling. If that lasts long each day you get older with the habit, then it is your match.

How to Pick a Right Book to Read?

Books are classified into many categories and if you are new to the field then you will be in a confusion on where to start and how to start. To pick the right and best choice for reading you need to know your choice first.

And it is like there are many options available in the menu at a restaurant to get ordered at your dining table, if you order them which are not of your taste then the stomach will throw up on them because they are not just the right fit which matches your lifestyle.

Not everyone will like the same category of books, don’t just try to read a book because it is suggested by the celebrities and millions of copies are sold. You are one in that million, but not a million. You are unique and your taste is unique too. Play with different categories in the beginning and then your heart will find its own taste among them, and you will be connected.

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Most of the people like to read self-improvement category books because they are with the real-life problems and the solutions might be applicable to the similar problems mentioned in it. And others will love to read the Autobiographies and Biographies, they will feel the confidence and they are inspired by how the legends influenced the world. The fiction lovers will love to read the novels and short stories, they will get their answers and amusement from them.

The right choice of book will lead you to the destiny and provides you with the best results. Choose the one wisely.

Book Reading is a Never-Ending Quest for the Wisdom

The wise men are born not with the wisdom as their heir or property. They are not the heirs to the wisdom too. They are wise enough because they control their lives and how do they do it is because they have the complete command of their thoughts and emotions.

You are capable of ruling the world within you without ruining it if you have the command. And one who is a leader will always have this. Leadership qualities are born within, they have not learnt anywhere, but are practiced. I am not talking about the political leaders here, everyone who has a good control over his anger and other emotions is said to be a leader. Because he knows how to handle him quite well is capable of handling others too.

If you would like to be wise enough to save yourself from the filthy world of traps, then do not give up your habit of reading books. You can be a writer someday after you gain the maximum experience in life.

Stick to Your Plan: Never Doubt

If you have decided to read a particular book daily and if one of your friends approaches you and gives a negative feedback on it. And even if he reveals all the clues and mysteries in the book, you don’t stop the book in the middle. Everyone has their own way of understanding and it cannot convey the same message to all the readers.

One single word can be taken in many ways by different brains. So, stick to the plan and start reading that book which your friend said was really weird and the author of it has gone mad.

Writers are the Same Humans, Like You and Me

I have seen many times those who treat the writers as they don’t belong to the human race. Writing is a talent that which is developed and practised with the real-life experience added with the problem-solving nature and stress handling.

If there is a writer somewhere around you, approach him/her and ask about the thing that made them writers. They have huge stories waiting to share with the world, but nobody cares, so they write.

Writers are always the friends, no need to isolate them from the friends’ groups, you are blessed with an asset if there is a writer in your circle. Make use of the free wisdom.

Don’t be Discouraged

If you are doing a good job, you will receive the both, appreciations and also the bad comments which will let you and your concentration down. All you need to do is ignore these comments which are ruining your performance and your life is under your own control. If someone else is commenting or making fun of being yourself will not make you an imperfect person.

When you know that you are carrying out the right thing, then just do it. Read the books all along your life and enjoy and learn from them. Not all of us are fast learners, aren’t we? We all have different modes of reading and the way we need to content to our brain is totally different from one another. So, never encourage the discouraging comments, do what you love and be patient with the results.


After reading a book, you will definitely learn something from it. Try to apply that motivation in your daily life and experience the changes these applications has brought you in your life. Because if you read and read and do not apply at all, that makes no sense. And if you are ready to accept your mistakes and ready to fit into the new and innovative lifestyle then you are going to be much productive just by reading books.

So, guys happy reading. Do comment on the title of the book which you are reading right now or just share a few lines from your favourite book.




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