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How to Solve if Your XML Sitemap is Blank in WordPress

WordPress is the best platform when it comes to SEO and XML Sitemap is like the oxygen to get your website/blog crawled by the search engine bots.

What if your sitemap has not been generated yet, and what if your sitemap is blank without any URLs in it? Definitely, you will go mad if your XML Sitemap is blank.

Why Do You Need  XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap is must and should because it will help you to get your site indexed by the webmasters. We all know about the Google webmaster tools which are presently called as Search Console. And if your sitemap is missing in the Google Search Console then it is a really bad news to you.

All your hard work and the time you have invested in developing the site would go to waste. It is always advisable to have a sitemap and it must be included in your Search Console for a better traffic.

The Sitemap is Blank

This issue has bothered me for a day when I noticed that all of a sudden my sitemap has disappeared from the Google Search Console and it shows an error whenever I tried to submit my sitemap with the code http://mysitename/sitemap.xml

XML Sitemap - Prasanna Dasari

The submissions didn’t work out and I always ended up with the error notifications in the Google Search Console and it always said that my XML Sitemap is empty and it doesn’t have any URLs in it.

And I am on WordPress, so I thought my hosting company will help me out with this issue. But, they failed to do so in their customer support section. And I don’t blame anyone here since it has happened without any idea.

How to Find the XML Sitemap in the New Version of Yoast SEO Plug-in

After the new update rolled out for the Yoast SEO in WordPress, to find the sitemap in it is not like the before one. To find a sitemap you need to go to the general than to the features.

XML Sitemap - Prasanna Dasari

In the features, there are the toggle bars and in that, you can find the sitemaps.

XML Sitemap - Prasanna Dasari



There is no direct option to view your sitemap, you need to click on the question mark icon and then it will allow you to view the XML Sitemap.

XML Sitemap - Prasanna Dasari

XML Sitemap - Prasanna Dasari

Basic Troubleshoot

I have done a basic troubleshooting to my WordPress site by deactivating all of the plug-ins and then again activating them back. This also didn’t help me.

The famous Yoast SEO plug-in has provided with some important tips here and I had tried all of them and failed.

Yoast is the number one tool when it comes to the SEO terms and it has a facility that it will automatically create an XML Sitemap without any manual interference. This is really a good news, but when it failed to resolve my toughest problem I was completely upset.

What I am satisfied with is that even I am not on a premium list of the Yoast plug-in they replied to my mail within two days quoting me that I am not their highest priority since being under the free plan. Am glad that at least I received something from the team Yoast. Thanks to them.

Nothing Worked Out

After the basic troubleshooting process, I felt that this issue is a major one and it needs to involve any kind of programming. But, fortunately, there was nothing done and I didn’t apply any coding to get my XML Sitemap back on to the track.

I have Googled the issue out and tried all kinds of suggestions from the experts and then I switched the plug-in to the Google XML Sitemaps. That didn’t work either, the sitemap is still blank and that was a pain in the heart.

The Solution

It was around 1 Am at night and I thought of giving up the blogging in the WordPress site and there were many other thoughts like completely switching to the other platform.

My mind wasn’t relaxed and after an hour I have again accessed my WordPress admin dashboard and clicked on everything I saw. All that hopeless moments were shouting to give up in my mind.

The blank XML Sitemap issue seemed to be a major issue which has appeared like it is not able to be solved. But, the remedy for it was a simple one. I figured that out when I deactivated the clicked on the Yoast’s sitemap button to ‘Off’ and then installing the XML Sitemap plug-in from the other provider (Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft)

XML Sitemap - Prasanna Dasari

After switching to this plug-in the issue is completely resolved.

If you ever face such an issue then try out this step. It is not mentioned on any of the help forums or videos. Hopefully, this will help you out if you are facing the same issue.

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