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10 Tips To The Smart Phone Users

We are now in a smart world, a world where everything can be done online with the action of fingertips on your smart phone. This technology has reached the peak of success and the revolutionized world is moving in front of our eyes.

From a school going kid to a senior citizen, everybody is now got an access to these smartphones. This is good and developmental, but with the good, there is always bad passing by. The side effects, the cons.

Smartphones or tablets are the electronic devices and they transmit the radiation. The radiation will be a huge damage to our human body besides this effect of radiation there are also some more problems we face (sometimes we can’t notice them) due to the usage of these smartphones.

We can’t stop thinking about our smart phone, it became a part of our lifestyle. It occupied a special place among us and is now on top of the list. These are the essential gadgets and now they are trendy to carry.
Problems are severing daily with the use of the smartphones. Since we don’t keep the habit of using the smartphones, there is now the need to know how we can use in a safe way.

Smartphones are ruling the current status

Smartphones are the status now, we got it exactly where we want. In our pockets, in our hands. If we need a household item, just a click away. If we need any appointments, just a click away. And more and more tasks are just a click away. In this click away seating, we are becoming lazy. And the way we are using our phone may be the reason for our increasing medical bills. There are various health issues coming into the light after the usage of the smartphones increased. Many of us are not ready to accept the truth that these rapid use of phones are damaging our healthy life. Even I argue at home when my sister says that my over usage of the phone is the reason for my sickness.

10 Tips To The Smart Phone Users

This is seen everywhere now because the bond between human and technology is strengthening day by day. The love for technology is at peaks.
I realized the mistake, I am suffering a lot due to these consequences. Still, I’m not recovering from the sickness I got due to the vigorous use of my smart phone.
Am suffering now, with that suffering am trying to bring out the useful tips which are needed to be followed while using the smartphones. Here goes the list…

1. You and your smart phone are made for each other. You both can’t live without anyone. But, here is a thing to do. DO NOT hold your smart phone when you don’t have any work with it. Holding it will weaken the power of hand gripping by the radiation.

2. Avoid carrying the phone in your shirt pockets, as it is close to the heart. Also, avoid to place it in tight trouser pockets.

3. Do not rest the phone on your chest while you are resting or taking a nap.

4. Use earphones for the long phone conversations, it will somehow prevent the radiation to interact directly with ears.

5. Watch your way of sitting while using the smart phone. If you lean back on a chair and use it for hours, it will create spine problems. Since you are using it for a long time in the same position, the bone problems occur.

6. Do not use the phone while you are sick. It may cause the sickness worst. Even cold & cough will act as a gateway to furthermore sickness.

7. Take some steps while using the phone during the nights. We are free at night, that is the time to spend more on the amazing internet. If the time exceeds the limit, it will cause lack of sleep and it leads to mental illness, hypertension etc.

8. When you are in bed, do not place the neck with a 90° angle. It will eventually hurt the neck, this is the problem which is currently suffering a lot. Even there are situations when I passed out due to this neck issue. Try not to use the phone on the bed.

9. Taking little breaks while using the phone acts as a temporary relief. These addictive apps and other websites are always there attracting us. But, think once. When we are sick, are they going to cure us of their attraction?

10. To prevent the optical problems, eyesight issues and regular headaches. Use the smart phone at a certain distance. Useless during the nights and prefer adaptive brightness.

To us, who are the regular writers and readers. We have to be very careful while the task performing.
From the last three months, am really undergoing a hell like health status. Instability occurred in me, I got hypertension and immunity lost.

10 tips to the smart phone users
As I love blogging a lot, I love to read latest articles and blog posts. All this obsessed love dragged me to the agony. Am writing this post with a lot of pain, I am dizzy now. But, this love for writing is the only reason I’m able to stand up now. Am not able to separate me from my mobile. But, I need to decrease the use to stay alive.

I am requesting my dear ones out there, who are with the same obsession with writing and reading, limit the friendship with the electronic devices. Use them, but with a restriction. Am now going to learn the tips, I’m going to learn how to monetize my time with my smartphone.

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