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Demerits of The Supreme Court Judgement On the Extra-marital Affairs In India

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The Supreme Court India has given its epic judgement regarding the extramarital affairs in the country which falls under the Indian Penal Code 497, which is an obstacle for the women to avail their equality.

This judgement made by the Supreme Court is the remarkable one, though it has the number of demerits by which India’s cultural perspective might be altered. Being the most cultured country on the globe, we Indians are abides with some rules and regulations which will safeguard the relationship and marriage values. This recent judgement is like throwing away the value which is given for the marriage.

Who Benefits Here?

Definitely, the cheaters and those who are cheating on their partners will get a huge relief for the deed they had been doing all these years.
If a husband is cheating on the wife, and the wife is cheating on her husband then here this law will give them a big relief. Divorce is the farthest thing to take into the consideration here.
This judgement is made to provide the equality, but if we think it is making the wrong things official.

Deccan Chronicle

Adultery Made Official and Protected

It is noted in every newspaper this morning they wrote down as adultery, and many religions won’t support this either.
This ruins the respect that has been provided to the marriage, sec 497 may be old, but we have to think that good will never get old.

Now those who are making their life partners cry all over the nights due to cheating is increased.
When the adulterous thoughts increases within the marriage bond, there are huge chances for the sexual crimes.
Adultery is never encouraged in a country where the people are still in a mindset of getting developed. I personally think that our country is not yet ready for such a big change brought by the Supreme Court, because still women are treated like the last in many villages and the crimes against them are not yet checking down.

First, bring the complete bounds free life to the good people and who are suffering and then go for the matters like this.

The Demerits

• There will be no questioning of sexual relationship, hence the women who are with different thinking will torture their families and husbands
• The men who would like to cheat their wives here is the best escape by committing it
• Depression rates and mental agony increases in the country thereby effecting in the growth and competent rate falls
• Marriage is no more a sure thing, it is just like a duty which has to be made officially
• Sex will become unlimited and the culture erases away
• Freedom of adultery might be used in a real wrong manner that will literally kill many relationships

Keeping all these things in mind, more than a gender equality, this law will make many people question about the values which they had been following all these years.
There are also still good people who will give an equal value to their partners, they will respect girls and women and provide them with all the facilities. If a wife cannot be owned by the husband then it is a big question that if a bad girl can own many husbands.

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