• World Food Day 2018 - Prasanna Dasari
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    World Food Day Special

    Today we are celebrating World Food Day (WFD) which is the main concept of UN. And the major aim of the concept to celebrate World Food Day is to let the world know the importance of food and why not to waste it. We are still observing the cities and even countries where there are not enough nutrients for its people to feed on and they are becoming weak or falling as a prey for hunger deaths. Food Is Life ‘We are what we eat’ this is a saying that which can reflect ourselves in case of the food we take. There are many things to consider before we consume…

  • Global goals Prasanna Dasari

    Global Goals for Sustainable Development

    Goal setting is a basic strategic plan for success, it helps to divide the tasks and prioritize them. Agenda 2030 is one of the major aims of UNO. Global goals for sustainable development is our ultimate destination now. A goal setting is done according to the plans and aims of a particular firm/a person. Goal setting is the tool to attain success, it is the only map a successful person has. We all have our own goals, career, education, family and other personnel. When we design a goal we must need to have a vision and it must be close to the reality. Setting a goal is important, achieving it…