mothers day

Mother ‘s Day – The Symbol of Unconditional Love is Mother

Mother’s Day is the day which is symbolized as to honour the mother’s across the globe. It is that motherly love that united the humans together and the sole reason for the existence.

The creation rejoices in the womb of the mother, and this opportunity is only provided to a woman, but a man isn’t that much focused on the creation’s love. Because the mother is the source of invention.

It is all about the love and sacrifice, a mother can do anything for her children. She will take risks for protecting them from all kinds of bad on this earth.

She will rejoice by looking at her children and she feels proud when they achieve something in their lives and she mourns if they got hurt.

No matter what how the society portrays her children, whether good or bad, her love never fades away. It just doesn’t change. Because it is the blood of the blood, and she sacrifices her all pleasures to see that smile on the faces of her children.

Giving gifts alone cannot make a mother happy. And on mother’s day, we can gift our mother costliest gift ever, but that materialistic thing doesn’t make her happy. Am not saying that gifts are bad, but we need to add something else to it.

We are witnessing many sons and daughters who are abandoning their old mothers when they are settled well in their life.

They forcibly push them out of the houses and join the old parents in the old age homes and they care nothing about their feelings and emotions.

mothers day

This filthy society is filled with the greediness and hungry for wealth and popularity. Nobody cares them outside, they undergo mental torture outside of the home and inside too.

We are witnessing the youth who are disrespecting the elder ones in the society with their vulgarity. Because they are the weaker sections and cannot fight back. Am not talking about those who are helping hands, this is about those people who cause pain to their own mother.

What can we do on this mother’s day is to take an oath that whatever happens, we must never leave the hand of our mothers?

Not mother alone, we need to do the same with the fathers too. They are one, not separated.

We need to share the equal amount of love with both of them.


The moment we step in this world we first see our mother’s face and that moment is really awesome. As a just born child, we don’t know anything, no feeling of happiness or sad, but we took the birth and brought into this world.

A mother will feel much happy that her kid is now born and she shares this moment with everyone and she cherishes in that as long as she lives.

 Mother is our first mentor, she has multiple duties to do. As a wife, as a sister, as a mother, she has to share lots of love with everyone in her life. That is really a blessing. We all love our moms because we learn how to live by seeing her, how to handle the stress and all other things.

 Today am here to share few lines about my mom. Who is my greatest inspiration of all time? No matter how much I write about her, I still will have a feeling that I just wrote an introduction. That much I love her.

  There might me millions of moments I had with her during my childhood, sometimes I view them as they were in my dreams. I get hurt when I behaved much foolishly with her, fighting over issues which are not even meaningful ones. (more…)