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Top 10 Tips for Writers and Bloggers

A writer is the one, who utilizes everything in the nature. He/she got that right as divinity. Amateur writer or a full time writer all will be filled with the same passion for writing. Today we are going to discuss about the top 10 tips for writers and bloggers.

The works of the writers differ based on their personal lives, but they belong to the same species and they are evolved to write and impact the world with their writings.

Tips they follow, the steps they take and the creative writing they adopt, the insight reviews all differ from a writer to a writer. They all are unique.

Their thoughts doesn’t match, their brand isn’t the same. But, still they are addressed as writers; this is the identity and truly will become their legacy one day.

There are genres of writing and genres of authors. All are there to motivate and inspire us, when we read poetry, we feel the warmth of the nature and when we read a novel we portray ourselves as one of the characters in it, It is all the specialty of the authorship. The immersed talent in his/her work is seen here. Those magical powers which took a form as words to interact with us when we are alone.

World is not a single place, it is multiple. And there are many reasons to feel the love. And also many reasons to cultivate hatred. But, a book lover can stay calm, it is his/her book that made him peace loving.

Writing is a power, which can be felt, which can transform the lives. Which can bring the revolution. Writers and readers are forever.

One can master the writings when he is clear from inside. His inner peace will let him to write a clean and neat content. It is an art, which is hard to master, but easy to read.

How we look from outside is completely different from inside

Years and years of a writer’s work are judged within a few glimpses at the cover or the preface. It is not that easy to decide the book whether it is good or bad for the society. Because there are some category of people, whom the author has targeted.

The power of writing is the art of living, living in the writing.

There are no blogging platforms during the days of Mark Twain and Shakespeare, but still they developed a close relationship with their readers around the globe. Imagine, no Twitter to advertise, no sharing on Facebook. Still they showcased their work. There is no power to dismantle the chain of writing, no obstacles will stop to reach the audience.

top 10 tips for writers and bloggers

1 A lifelong student

None can shut down their eyes on the world’s trend and dare to write. We can’t write about the topic which isn’t related to the present generation. There is a need to get updated with the latest happening in the world, then a writer can dwell in the world. To become the one, the learning makes it easy.

2 Being Impartial

This is the main thing a successful writer will adopt, being impartial towards all the categories is the quality possessed by a best writer. Show no difference to any class in the society. Treating all as equal.

3 A Good Listener

One who gives his ear to all sorts of discussions without judging is the one with many possibilities of learning much. A successful writer is a universal listener, listening to the words without interrupting them. Then, the gold is taken and the residue is left.

4 Thinking About the Readers

A successful writer focuses on the targeted readers. He/she will explore on the topics which are liked and they show interest in. Writers never try to create a distance between them and their readers, they allow writings to get into the hearts of readers and stay there for a longtime.

5 Optimistic and realistic

Optimism is always pressed in the writings of a successful writer. In his/her blog post/books/articles, the concept of being optimistic is highly encouraged.

Many successful authors make their writings close to the reality. Even the fictional characters are closely related to the real lives. This is how the writings will influence the reader. Lack of reality will lead to the controversial issues.

6 A feedback geek

A successful writer loves to hear the feedback on his latest work. He/she is open minded and will be ready at any time to answer the questions and queries of the readers. Many of the reading gangs are not silent, they try to interact with the author and wish to talk about the new edition and other wit related topics.

A successful writer accepts this all and reflect the opinions in his next writing or solve them through his/her social interactions.

7 Showing the Results through Words and Actions

Imagine a writer, who always writes about ‘smoking addiction’ he gives tips on how to quit smoking and stay healthy. His each and every work will be said to include these topics at one place or the other. Now, the writer being a regular adviser on how to quit the smoking excessively, himself he is a chain smoker. His public appearances, in his free time and during the meet-ups. He is seen with a cigar in his hand.

Is this relevant? Now how the readers are going to accept this writer’s work? He is only a play with words, but not a doer. He isn’t following his own principles. World will say, ‘he failed himself and now he came to fail us with falseness’.

So, a successful writer always is very careful about choosing the topic to write about.

A successful writes reflects his writings in his deeds

8 Handling the Criticism

Criticism is seen in any field, when coming to the writer and the reader relationship, the chances are more to get criticized. Because here is the point where the thoughts are shared, a successful writer allows critics, but in a gentle manner. No personal rivals are made and nothing is lost when a writer get criticized.

9 Self-examining

A successful writer always prefers self-examination. It reveals the reason for failures and identifies the drawbacks. Self-examining is the tool to make the better to best. As a writer focuses on different roles in the society, there arises the need for self-check.

10 Never starve for reputation

A successful writer allows no reputation to ruin him. Reputation earned is good and everybody needs fame, but when it is preferred as a central care that will become the worst obstacle on the way to success.

Reputation has a special place; it is not what we control. It may rise and fall depending upon the performance.


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Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.


  1. Great read, being a writer requires great commitment. The above content could rekindle a writing potential one never knew he/she had. Thank you Dasari.

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