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Toba Tek Singh – A Thought Provoking Movie: ZEE5 Film Festival

The Indo-Pak partition is a sensitive topic for all of us. For decades, we have seen many stories, movies and shows made on the topic. Many of which are now classics. Toba Tek Singh is one such movie directed by Ketan Mehta starring Pankaj Kapur and Vinay Pathak which is presented by the ZEE5 Film Festival. And this time, the focus of the story shifts to the mental asylums of the era and how they were affected by partition too.

Toba Tek Singh

Toba Tek Singh

Toba Tek Singh is a movie which takes us to the times after the Indo-Pak partition. It uses the backdrop of a mental asylum to question the idea and impact of partition.

A Unique Concept

Majority of the trailer revolves around the different perspectives of the asylum’s residents on the partition. The things they say do come across as weird but at the same time, very thought-provoking. As the trailer progresses, you start to connect with their gibberish which creates a distinct vibe and connection.  The characters of the story effectively convey the emotions of the intellectually challenged individuals and make us care about them.

A Good Message

These days streaming platforms have a huge impact on youngsters. Thanks to them, we have access to content which can be watched on any device anywhere. Movies like Toba Tek Singh will deliver a message to them who are unaware of how the partition was done and make them think about its impact and how we should create a better future for both nations.

This is a movie which is bound to make people curious about the lesser known stories of Partition and seek information about it. The movie’s trailer hints at a narrative that seems like some serious food for thought.

Why One Should Watch TTS

After watching the trailer here, you will definitely understand the concept. In case you are eager to learn more about the movie, it is based on a short story written by Saadat Hasan Manto in Urdu language and it was published in 1955.

The trailer has few clips which will show us the questions from people with intellectual disabilities like how did Hindustan become Pakistan, how are the cities divided etc. This knowledge leads to a lot of tension and conflict among the asylum inhabitants. This gives us a new perspective on the pain and agony suffered by people during the Partition.

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