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What’s Up Velakkari Review

I got a question for you, What do you call a person who takes care of all your household chores, preps up your food every day and without whom your house would be nothing but a mess? Let me guess, you thought it is your mom, didn’t you? But it is a maid. If you think that a maid can never take care of you like your mom then you, my friend, have never lived away from your family. I agree, while a maid can be a lot of things, she can never be a mother. But she can definitely become a close friend of yours.

Why am I talking so much about maids today? It’s not like I have one now, but I used to, and I definitely miss her. That is because this article is a review of the ZEE5 Tamil web series What’s Up Velakkari and I want to kick things off by saying that is unlike any other web series I have seen before. Why would you say that, you might ask? Here’s the deal, this show ticks all the boxes when it comes to shows that are really worth your time.

What’s Up Velakkari is a ZEE5 Tamil Original Web series that answers the age-old question, Can a maid be more than a maid? And it does that in the most flawless way, kudos to the directors Preethi Srivijayan, Praveen Nair and Manu Anand. This web series revolves around the life of Natarajan, a Graphic Designer, who has an ultra-modern maid Jessi who is very close to him. This closeness has more to do with the fact that she is his childhood friend who started an online maid service. But then what happens to Jessi when Nats gets married to Lakshmi? This idea forms is the central conflict of this web series.

I cannot complete the review without giving proper credits to the cast and crew. While this show has some well-known actors like Dhanya Balakrishna and Shylaja Chetlur, it is Praveen Kumar M playing as Bai aka Bairavan who steals the show. While you may feel that the web series is sort of sugar-coated too much in the beginning, What’s Up Velakkari will become a part of you by the time you reach the 4th episode. Watching Dhanya Balakrishna play the role of Jessie, you are taken on a nostalgic ride, that is if you had a maid. Her cute expression and endearing performance make you fall in love with Jessi’s character.

So, here’s my verdict, this show is a must watch for anyone who was eagerly waiting for a nice Tamil web series with a great female lead. So, long story short, What’s up Velaikari is a web series that serves as an ideal binge watch. You are sure to be impressed by this one!


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