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World Food Day Special

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Today we are celebrating World Food Day (WFD) which is the main concept of UN. And the major aim of the concept to celebrate World Food Day is to let the world know the importance of food and why not to waste it.

We are still observing the cities and even countries where there are not enough nutrients for its people to feed on and they are becoming weak or falling as a prey for hunger deaths.

Food Is Life

‘We are what we eat’ this is a saying that which can reflect ourselves in case of the food we take. There are many things to consider before we consume some food item. And it will come under our own caretaking process. We can discuss that later.

Today we are going to see together how can we make the upcoming generations throughout the world a hunger-free world. There must be no more hunger deaths, no place is deficient for any of the lack of nutrients and the health status of every person must be good when they come to the food intake.

This is not just a thought, but a mission and it is also a part of the Global Goals.

Since food is our all source of life, on this World Food Day I think this is the right time to talk about it and how can we be a part of the diving plan about we can save the food for the better future.

Take Precautions

Food poison cases are recording in a huge range these days, this is because of a lack of awareness about the food we take. Generally, this happens when we misjudge a food item outside. Whether it is a samosa or just a bread bun. If it is not at all fresh, it is better not to go for it.

Always prefer fresh and good vegetables. If you go for the cheaper rates, the quality will be then decreased, and after the effect, we need to invest the same amount of money for our treatment. No compromise about our food at any cost.

World Food Day 2018 - Prasanna Dasari

It is good to carry our own water bottle and a meal box in our bag. This is a good habit since it will help us to live with the homely food which we are used to even when we are away from home.

Do not purchase random food items beside the roads or in the shops unnecessarily, because they are probably are not fresh and can ruin your journey time.

Do Not Waste Food

I have seen many people in Indian parties wasting the food. They order the food more in quantity and then they just throw it away. And in the parties they demand to full the plates, then again it is wasted.

We need to keep one thing in our mind that there are millions of living beings, people around this world who are waiting for a single daily meal. And if we are rich enough then our step must not be towards the wasting of the food, but how to preserve and protect it for the needy.

At the restaurants order the food so that you can take it all, never leave anything behind.

Be A Part #WFD2018

Our aim is a #ZeroHunger world by 2030.

Let’s together take a part in this second Global Goal and save the food and let us together make a better nation where there will be no person who will die with hunger. On this World Food Day, I am taking a sincere pledge and will move according to it. Join hands and help the needy. Happy International World Food Day.

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