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Year Review 2018

I am standing on the very corner of the huge mountain, on the edge of it, I am ready to jump on to the other. The huge mountain is the year 2018, a year with enormous memories. I can call this year as a complete successful year in my entire life lived on earth.

This mountain has brought me many things at my fingertips, whether it is the love or the caring from a special person or the perfect nurturing from the elders. I felt great, indeed I enjoyed the year more than any other year I know.

2018 is been a successful year, I got a few things to share and a few moments to live with. I met a person, the love of my life and my honey, with whom I can share the rest of my life within the year ending of 2017. And that relationship has developed more and with more ingredients added to our love, now it has a different flavor. We are together, and that means a lovable thing.

There were fights, which were silly, and situations when I felt like I was completely abandoned, but nothing lasts forever except the love. I overcame all the hurdles with more developed patience and talent.

There were fewer things that made me sad this year. But, the few which were sad to feel about are so saddening and they almost dragged me into the mire of pain. Luckily I had escaped them all. Love is above all, nothing can withstand against the love if it is true.

2018 has brought me closer to some people and some have completely vanished from my life. It is no wonder that we cannot stay with everyone all the time. We need to move on, the situations and time together will decide with whom we are going to spend the quality amount of time, that too more profitable.

This year, I have opened a brand new website with my name, to be frank; I didn’t work hard to make it more popular like I had dreamt while starting it. But, still it gave me an identity and in the end, it has become a source to live on.

Prasanna Dasari - Year Review

Collaborations were good, I earned much income for the first time ever since I entered the Blogosphere, and my hopes were alive after six long years.

I have learned many new things this year, whether those are the lessons learned in life, the technical and other related stuff. All are there for me cheering up. I didn’t feel alone this year. It is really amazing for me.

Most of my dreams came true this year, I can call this year as an achievement year too. Because I got my dream life and a sports bike too.  All these things were unexpected and came as a surprise.

I cried like a child this year, as a boy, it is not a good thing to share publicly. But, I cried for a reason, and that cry made me much stronger. I love all the moments of this year. All I say is thank you for 2018.

I have observed that in the beginning, I didn’t expect much. Because the love I was searching for years had come to me. I felt like there was nothing to achieve, so I was not with any kind of expectations like the usual New Years, then comes the magical epic moment. 2018 has filled me completely.

Thank you Lord for all the protection you gave me, my health was restored and I visited the hospital much less. And my honey filled my life completely by occupying my entire life.

Happy with the family, happy with everything I got. It is hard to say goodbye to 2018, but time has to go on. I welcome the New Year 2019 with the same spirit. This is all I have to share, the year review.


Prasanna Dasari is a Blogger and an Engineer who is interested in sharing his views and thoughts with the world through his writings and inspire others and get inspired from them. Apart from this he is a Public Speaker, Author and an Influencer. He loves teaching too.

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