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7 tips to love a person unconditionally.

Talking about love is a divine feeling, every time I share something about love, the heartbeats to the rhythm and it feels so proud.

Today let us discuss how to love a person unconditionally, during these pandemic times, many things are happening in our lives, people letting themselves into terrible situations and breaking their trust due to the work from home pressure and other mental health-related issues.

Unconditional Love

Love takes many forms; it transforms a person into something new and might change the entire story of that particular person. Parent’s love, Siblings’ love, friends’ love, lover’s love, and in any kind of relationship love is seen as a primary factor that keeps two individuals together.

There are many types of love too, it depends upon the person’s perspective on the other person and the mentality of the individual. But there are just two types of love that can be differentiated easily, one is conditional love and the other one is unconditional love. In this entire post, we will see what it takes to love a person unconditionally.

These days most people are associated with social status, reputation, and property, the materialistic mindset has made the persons ill-prepared either to receive love or show love. And the point of unconditional love is nowhere included in these busy lives.

Love has more impact on the mental health of a person and there is a need to talk about love and learn how we can practice effective ways to let the love flow in our hearts.

Conditional love is associated with conditions and expectations whereas unconditional love only deals with love but nothing besides it.

Cultivating Unconditional Love

To cultivate unconditional love, there is a need to nurture self-love, one who cannot love himself/herself cannot love others. The more self-aware you are about your actions, emotions, fears, and strengths, the more you are connected to yourself and able to control the emotions in any kind of situation. Self-love is not developed overnight and it is not any subject that is taught in schools or colleges, it can only be attained with practice.

Now let us dive straight into the seven tips to love a person unconditionally.

1. Love without any expectations

We expect something from others all the time and the others do the same, when our life is built upon the expectation kind of basement, then it is going to fall apart soon. Expectations will always lead to troubles and one who expresses love without expecting anything in return, then that love is unconditional. And this love is in its purest form and no matter what how much distress they are thrown into, people who love without expectations are the one with the pure heart.

2. True love

True love and false love both exists in this world, it is hard to recognize which is which as people have the shield of fake smile to protect them from revealing their intentions.

True love is when you know that the other person whom you love is not in a situation to give you anything in return and also weak in all sections. True love is one of the rare of the rarest to find, unconditional love is seen in true love.

3. Creator’s Love

Imagine if you are a Scientist, and you are working on inventing something for years and years. Your love towards the invention will increase with time to time and there is no chance of hopefulness there. And when you invent something, your love for it will increase more and you will go to any extent to protect it, develop it and work more on it.

This is the creators’ love and can also be called God’s love. If you believe that God has created us, then his love is unconditional towards us, because we have nothing to thank God for all the love he has shown.

4. Sacrificial love

Love is not about gaining things, it is about losing things for the sake of others – Prasanna Dasari

Love when teamed up with sacrifice is unconditional love. Because sacrificing requires courage to lose the things which we love the most, with sacrifice a love will become stronger.

If you have decided to love someone unconditionally, then you must be ready anytime to lose the things which you like the most if needed for the sake of the person whom you love. The things may be the habits, materials, or even your favorite pen.

One fact to be noted is if the other person loves you unconditionally, they will not cast you away in the pool of sadness by asking you to stay away from the things you love unless they are toxic to your relationship.

5. Forgiveness

When we are ready to forgive others then we are not only allowing them to self-realize their mistakes but also providing enough time to analyze their mistakes and learn from them. Compassion will make us more friendly with the people and when we add forgive and forget principle too, we are then ready to love the person unconditionally.

6. Understanding and Listening

Most of the disputes arise due to misunderstandings between two persons or teams. And these misunderstandings can be avoided if we are ready to accept the situations and develop listening skills. Understanding others is the main trait of persons who are willing to love unconditionally.

7. Selflessness

When we care for others and when we can treat others like how we treat ourselves and pay more attention to listen to them carefully and assist them to solve their problems, then we can love unconditionally. Because selflessness creates an atmosphere where people will feel safe when they are with us.


Loving a person needs a big heart, and this love we discussed here is not that love between a boy and girl, but it is applicable in all relationships.

There are few important things to keep in mind before you start loving someone unconditionally. If your feelings are hurt by them or your identity gets devalued and disrespected no matter how much you love them, then leave that person immediately and provide that love and caring to someone who can accept it.

You should love with all the peace, forced love isn’t loving, it is kind of doing something which is against our own will.